Album: Vulgar Display Of Power (1992)
Charted: 35
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  • When Pantera first found success, they found their pals were treating them a little different as they thought the fame had gone to their heads. Frontman Phil Anselmo explained to Kerrang:

    "I wrote this when Pantera were first getting a lot of attention. I came back from touring and my friends had taken it upon themselves to think that I'd changed as a person into this big rockstar. 'Walk' was me telling them to shove that attitude up their ass."
  • The main riff was written while the band was warming up for a show on guitarist Dimebag Darrell's practice amp when Phil Anselmo shouted, "We gotta write some s--t for this new album." Dime immediately started playing the opening riff, and Vinnie tapped the drums on the wall. They were filming for the home video and caught it all on tape to remember the riff. >>
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    Angus - Halifax, Canada
  • The Vulgar Display Of Power album (the name comes from a quote from the 1973 movie The Exorcist) was released a year after Metallica issued The Black Album, which was wildly successful but veered slightly askew from the thrash sound of their previous work. Pantera's album pleased those thrash fans, which rewarded them by buying over 2 million copies of Vulgar. In the book Survival of the Fittest: Heavy Metal in the 1990s, Pantera bass player Rex Brown said: "When we put out Vulgar, we've got this huge following, and there's a little, itty-bitty hole here where we can possibly jump through and carry the genre that we loved."
  • This song was used by professional wrestler Rob Van Dam as his entrance music when he worked for the promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling. It was also the professional wrestler Edge's theme song while he was an indie wreslter under the name "Sexton Hardcastle." >>
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Comments: 45

  • Alex from Midland, Txkris from wichita they did put pantera on spongebob it was the hybernating episode where i think the squirrel and spongebob go down a steep mountain ON a shell and in the background pantera is playing the song death rattle from reinventing the steel
  • Kim from Cherokee, NcI f--kin hate posers every dam near one of 'em. This song is part of my fighting music
  • Seth from Ingleside, Txthis song reminds me of a kid i go to school with who has stupid opinions and has no respect for others
  • Tim from Okc, Okyeah how bout you dont' comment at all club music...
  • Pauly D from Staten Island, NyI generally don't listen to headbanger music but this song is o.k. To be honest I prefer club music but to each their own. I noticed I am the only person from NY who commented on here.
  • Yavuz from Ankara, TurkeyThis song makes you understand what a healthy, righteous and almost purifying feeling it is to really hate someone. I have been listening to it over and over in the last couple of days, thinking how my ex (who happens to be a slut sharing the same office with me) dumped me just like that, and then went to her friends, telling them s--t about me and still giving me flirty looks when she sees me in the corridor. I mean, just respect and walk bitch!
  • Alan from The Meadow Of Rainbows, United KingdomRe! Spect! Walk! 'Nuff said.
  • Mike from San Ramon, Cakickass song! i agree with the lyrics. dont even try to fit in if you dont f--king belong. RIP Dime. We miss you!
  • Grayson from New Westminster, Bcthis song is friggin awesome, it makes me want to get in a fight,

    RIP dimebag
  • Thy_frnicatr from Ft.worth, Txr.i.p dimbag
  • N.i. from Baltimore, MdJeff: I listened to the song again just to be sure, and he definitely, I say DEFINITELY says "belong." All of the lyrics sites on the net agree with me. I typed your version "where I've been, alone" into Google and got NOTHING. Pantera may have had some good lyrics in other songs, but this ain't one of them.
  • Christina from Manchester, Mithis song is awesome because i am CONSTANTLY surrounded by posers (like somebody i know.) well now he's a wigger so i guess he's still a poser. anyways i love this song w/ a bloody passion.
  • Jeff from Wright City, MoOh yeah, and SPONGEBOB isnt gay he ROCKS thats why PANTERA WAS on an episode i dont recall the exact one but nonetheless another example of someone not paying close enough attntion to what is really being said. Spongebob is hilarious if you really pay attention. Just like SOUTHPARK. Before i really LISTENED i would just see little parts of it and say WOW how stupid just a bunch of kids cussin. But then i started really listening to what they are talking about and the fact that they rip on alot of celebrities who deserve it. Anyway IMHO spongebob is great and there is alot of humor in that show you have to really pay attention to to get. And some of the episodes will have you in tears laughin so hard if you get the humor. PEACE
  • Jeff from Wright City, MoThe lyric is "what it takes, where ive been, ALONE!" not belong so yeah i guess that wouldnt sound right. And the other line says " A lesson learned in life known from the dawn of time" He is telling the person to respect him or take a walk,that its common sense anybody knows if you mess with him he will take a beating. Pantera actually has some very profound lyrics if you get them CORRECT. listen to HOLLOW that song is about their friend who was in a coma. To get the correct lyrics you have to read it straight from their albums/cd PANTERA was AWESOME at their peak and i love them to this day. What happened to DIME is TRULY a major and horrible tragedy. It was senseless and a huge loss of incredible talent for the music world. The guy was one of the all time guitar heroes of this world. You know when Eddie Van Halen honors you by putting his own guitar in your casket THAT is saying something. It is just unfortunate he had to die to be honored. It seems like a few people on here expose themselves as casual listeners instead of hardcore fans by there comments. To ME if you really listen to what alot of their songs are saying you have to be a hardcore fan! To Luke in memphis, He isnt GOD but he definitely was a GUITAR GOD AND LEGEND! RIP DIME YOU WILL BE SORELY MISSED!
  • N.i. from Baltimore, MdDakota wasn't getting his interpretation of the song from Wikipedia (at least, that interpretation doesn't show up on Wikipedia, or anywhere else I've looked), but simply telling me to identify Anselmo by name.
  • Kris from Wichita, KsLOL wow Dakota Wikipedia? come on that site is not valid information it's just a buncha people putting in what they think is right. now granted it may have some facts but it also has some fiction in it. o and shannon i really doubt nicolodeon let Pantera on Spongebob.
  • Barcrest from Birmigham, EnglandOf the album, Vulgar Display Of Power. On the front of the album cover is a guy getting punched in the face. Apparently the fist is that of the lead singer Phil Ansalmo (Sp?) and the guy being punched got paid a small fee per punch. Apparently it ended up being several to get the required photo.
  • Dakota from Warner Robins, GaOK OK first of all the lead's name is Phil Anselmo look him up on wikipedia some time.And second it's an invatation to a fightand the guy shows up and gets his a** beat note the part "walk on home boy" you know in that psycho cowboy voice.
  • N.i. from Baltimore, MdYou've got to admit, the song's lyrics are pretty laughable. Many of the lines are barely coherent, much less grammatical--somebody try to explain the line "what it takes, who I am, where I've been, belong." That "belong" really doesn't belong! It's like the writer just needed space to fill. And what to make of the song's message, that "Re-spect, walk" is "a message learned in life, known from the dawn of time"? Is that why it sounds like caveman speech?

    Make no mistake: I actually like this song. It's catchy, fun to listen to, and I like the singer's energy and style. But I have to shake my head at those people who try to read something profound into the lyrics. There's nothing profound about it, it's just a lame (and inarticulate) variant on "Be true to yourself."
  • Slippy from Paso Robles, CaSaw them live at the orange pavilum in orange county. THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!! Pantera set the standard 4 metal. F**k Led Zep
  • Mike from Petersham, MaYeah Shannon Spongebob is going to go bust some heads to Pantera. Can just see it now: The gay sponge walking down the underwater street when that retarded pink thing comes up to him and he just snaps. Stabs him in the stomach a few times then in the nuts [if there are any... doubt it] then just walks away. When you mix metal and gay cartoons together this kind of scene pops into my head.
  • Joel from Columbia, ScWalk is an awesome f--kin' song. I play it before I go out at night. Wish I could remember the lead singer's name. RIP Dimebag.
  • Dee from Northfield, IlListening to this always makes somebody want to fight! YOU WANT A PIECE O' ME!!?? (see what I mean)
  • Chris from Uhhhh, Vaanyboyd f**ks with me during this song i think i'd eat them alive
  • Shannon Mulvany from Spokane, WaI think this band was featured on an episode of Spongebob once.
  • Spencer from Mcbride, CanadaI agree...jacob, jimmy page is probably in the top 5 most talented guitarists in the wold right now, and stairway to heaven is the #2 most popular song in rock history. learn what your saying before you say it.
  • Rachel from Susanhell, CaThis song is awesome, I turn it up real loud and it gets me in a pissed off mood and makes me want to destroy things! gotta love pantera
  • Mitch from St. Louis, MoThis is an awesome song. Pantera Rocks.
    Avenged Sevenfold also plays an awesome cover of this song at their conserts as a tribute to Dimebag.
  • Devon from Westerville, OhThis song is freakin' awesome. whenever I hear it I have to crank it up. Dime rocks.
  • William from Ocean Springs, MsYeah, dimebag was great and all but led zeppelin is a completely diffrent kind of music so I see your bashing them as pointless jacob.
  • Jacob from London, EnglandDimebag was more than good, he was fantastic.
    You want something that is over-rated you should go to a Led Zeppelin thread cos you are in the wrong place.
    A hard version of 'In Bloom' by Nirvana. Basically the band telling all posers and band wagon jumpers to f*** off.
  • Jen from Ontario, Canadai loooove this song!!!
  • Dev01d from Wollongong, AustraliaDimebag was good but he wasn't as great as everyone makes him out to be. Anyway great song and great band. How they wrote it is pretty cool.
  • Joe from Somewhere, Va"incase you havn't heard he died yesterday dec 9"

    I'm pretty sure he died on the Dec. 8th (Anniversary of John Lennon's Death). R.I.P Dimebag Darrell. It will be quite a while until we see another guitarist like you.
  • Josh from Auburndale, Fli will admit this is a very great song and Pantera is one of my favorite bands but this is def. not one of there greater songs... and is over played by people who really dont know pantera but think they are cool and want to listen to the most catchy and most popular of pantera songs
  • Jeffmeister from Westminster, MdThis is one of Pantera's greatest hits in my opinion. (R.I.P. Dime, we'll miss you brother)
  • Billy from Otway, Ohi like this and Cemetary Gates a lot.
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InGreat tune. It's the song that introduced me to these guys.
  • Bernadette from Mandaluyong, Singaporei hope some available songs here can be downloadble
  • Bluto from Blutotown, OtherActually if I remember correctly it's about friends not really being true friends, talking s--t behind ones back etc. Phil talked briefly on this on MTV's Headbangers Ball many years back. Reading the lyrics you should get the idea.
  • Sam from Champaign, IlYeah, it really sucks Dimebag Darrell's dead. I was saving up to buy a new Washburn "Southern Cross" Dimebag Darrell guitar, but since his passing they've discontinued the line.
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Ctgod bless their now dead guitarest dime(incase you havn't heard he died yesterday dec 9)
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Cti watched a video of this song on uranium (a heavy metal show on fuse if your too stupid to already know that) anyway they really rocked on that video
  • Ryan from Salt Lake City, UtWalk is a awesome song and Pantera is a awesome band!!!!!!!
  • Luke from Memphis, TnPantera rocks, plain and simple. DIME IS GOD!!!
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