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  • After dating for a decade, Nutini and his high school sweetheart Teri Brogan broke up, which inspired the theme of Caustic Love, and he specifically wrote the song "Fashion" about her. He spoke to Swide about the title of the album: "The main idea is that when you fall in love with a person, you give yourself over. When you analyze them, some decisions doesn't seem sensible ones. When love comes, it washes over all preconceptions, all the security, every barrier and it leaves you vulnerable both to the agony and to the ecstasy. You can't live one without the other. That's the idea of Caustic Love."
  • Nutini worked with Bill Withers' drummer James Gadson and American R&B singer Janelle Monáe on this track. He told The Sun: "James was absolutely brilliant. He played with such enthusiasm and vigor, wanting to do take after take, and sang along while he was playing. It was a great encouragement for me to sing well."

    "Janelle was another great person to get involved," he added. "I just asked, really, and luckily she really liked the song."
  • Nutini is a big fan of Janelle Monae. He told Mojo magazine: "I think of her as the anti-Miley Cyrus. With Janelle, the sex-appeal is there, but she has class. Plus when it comes to style, music, the moves, she's the future. When she sang on 'Fashion' she gave the song legs and wiped the floor with me."
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