Broken Home


  • Papa Roach bass player Tobin Esperance told us that "Broken Home" is about divorce, a topic which touched every band member: "Jacoby chose lyrically to set the topic in divorce, which is something that everybody in the band has dealt with and kids all over deal with. It's another painful subject to bring up, but people just let loose when it came to that song." Esperance added he hopes the track helps Papa Roach fans to deal with issues they may be going through: "I think it's more so we hand it over to the listener. When you get older, you want to deal with things in a positive way and you want to move on. Sometimes it might be like, damn, this is so depressing to hear that song over and over (laughing) but that's why we always hand it over to the fans, like 'This is for you.' Take whatever you get from it and if it makes you want to scream and shout and get all your anger and aggression out, so be it."
  • Musically, "Broken Home" was inspired by the New York metal outfit, Helmet. Esperance explained: "That song started out as a real funky kind of groove - a heavy guitar thing. I was playing that at rehearsal, and it reminded me of Helmet; we were really into this band, Helmet, from the East Coast, and the riff kind of reminded us of one of their songs."

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  • Jessica from San Antonio, TxWhen i first heard this song i was dissapointed that i havn't heard it earlier my parents divorced when i was just a baby and my mother gave me awqay to my grandmother so i don't know how it feels to live with both parents
  • Filthee from Crackville, CoI love this song.My dad abandoned me when I was nine and my mother became and alcoholic and got really depressed soon after.
  • Dyly from New Knoxville, Ohi love this song, the part "i no my mother loves me, but does my father even care" explains me and my stepdad perfect, and i dont even no my real dad so i can relate to it on a higher level
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txi like it. it is kind of an anthom for kids who are adopted like me. or even for kids who are in the middle of a divorce.
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