Another Day Gone

Album: Feels Like Carolina (2013)


  • In September 2010, Parmalee drummer Scott Thomas was shot in the leg, stomach, and shoulder during a robbery after a show South Carolina. The stickman was hospitalized for 35 days - 10 of which he spent in a coma. By May 2011, Scott was well enough to get behind a drum kit for the first time since the incident and has since made a full recovery. This song about appreciating life and the people that make it special was influenced by the occurance. Vocalist Matt Thomas explained to Taste of Country: "I had written some songs that were specific to the shooting, but I didn't really wanna go there. I felt like that will eventually come out when it comes out. 'Another Day Gone' is about the fact that you're never guaranteed tomorrow. So if you wanna take care of everything, you better do it while you're still here. That's kind of the premise of that song. Not exactly about the incident, but about that thought."


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