Darling Lorraine

Album: You're The One (2000)
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  • Paul Simon's "Darling Lorraine" traces the history of a relationship from when the singer first met the titular woman, through their turbulent marriage right up to her death. It's not autobiographical: the guy in the song is a working stiff who gave up his shot to be a musician.
  • Paul Simon re-reinterpreted the song in 2018 for In the Blue Light, a collection of re-recordings of selected lesser-known songs from his catalog. He told Mojo: "We tried to make the arrangement a bit simpler so that the story would come through. I always thought 'Darling Lorraine' was one of my best songs."
  • The 2018 version of "Darling Lorraine" also marks the last recording by Vincent Nguini, a guitarist from Cameroon best known for his long tenure in Paul Simon's band. Simon said, "Vincent was weak even when he was doing that."
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