Love Like Jesus

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  • "Love Like Jesus" was written by the brothers that make up the band, Joel and Scott Owen, with help from a Nashville studio musician. Speaking to us about outside collaborations in 2012, Joel said that "in the last year or two, we've really started working with other people. It's been surprisingly inspiring."
  • The brothers were supposed to meet a musician in the studio to work on a final song before they had to fly out of Nashville. With only a few hours left, there was still no sign of him - until a phone call revealed that the musician had just learned that his wife had been diagnosed with cancer. Nevertheless, the musician showed up at the last minute, and "Love Like Jesus" was written on the spot.

    "We ended up writing this powerful song in under an hour," said Joel. "There was so much emotion in the room, so much weight."
  • The song explores how important it is to have compassion in life: not just when it's convenient, but all the time, to the maximum degree possible. No matter how miserable things seem, it suggests, love and compassion for all things will make everything better.
  • The song appeared as part of the act's live show in 2012.


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