Album: Vitalogy (1994)
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  • Eddie Vedder (from Spin Magazine, December 1994): "Before I went in the studio, I was walking around some little thrift shop, I found an accordion. And I went in with the accordion and played something, and then spoke some gibberish over the top. I remember laughing and saying, 'That's the first single.'"
  • This song is thought to be about the media. But in a the same Spin Interview, Vedder explained: "I think that it's almost confidence that enables us to record 'Bugs' or confidence in our listeners that they can open up to something like that. Back then I had my mind on the business at hand, and I probably wouldn't have felt so free to take up two hours of studio time working on Eddie's wank-off accordion piece. For a long time after recording it, I was playing it for friends saying it was the best thing we'd ever done [laughs]. We just decided to do something that was fun to listen to and wasn't bombastic and wasn't everything that the band had become." >>
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  • Brian from IndianaThis song reminds me of Daniel Johnston. Anyway, I thought I remembered Eddie saying that it was about a case of poison oak he got once.
  • Nk Blodmann from South CarolinaLove this album, but can we just delete "Bugs" and pretend it never existed? Christ that's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Sorry, not my cuppa
  • Michael from North Babylon, NyI had the same reaction, Bill!
  • Adrian from Gettysburg, PaThis song's novelty quality and Eddie Vedder's improvisational delivery reminds me of the Stone Temple Pilots song, "Wet the Bed"
  • Bill from Pierce , IdWhen i first heard it, I too thought "C'mon, you guys goota be kidding", though after so many listens this song actually grew on me; this song comes to mind when i'm being annoyed or my patience is being tested. If Pearl Jam never writes a novelty tune, this song could be considered the one.
  • Robin from Ridgefield, WaWhen i hear this song im reminded of the meth tweekers who are always thinking they have bugs under their skin..lol.
  • Clint from Reading, PaTo me this song is about someone who has some feelings of prejudice and disgust but after a while says, "screw it" and decides these individuals who are so different art OK to be with. Hence the ending lyrics, "What the ___, I'll become one."
  • Natasha from Oostende, BelgiumIt's just about everything that bothers you! Anyone or anything may be called these bugs. It is a great song!!!
  • Susana from Rio De Janeiro, Brazilthis song is kinda weird but funny. well, i like it anyway.
    'vitalogy' is a good album, a bit different from 'vs' and 'ten', but not bad at all. the lyrics are some of the best i've ever heard, like in 'nothingman', 'not for you'(i love this song!) and 'immortality'. this band rocks !
  • Obzcure from Auckland, New Zealandyea its about the media attetion PJ were getting. and its purposfully crap for that reason. i do like this song but theres no denying its no where near the level of black or something of that calibre.
  • AnonymousThis is one of those "What Were They Thinking?" PJ songs. This song is simply not that great. Don't get me wrong, I love PJ, but come on, an accordion? Vitalogy had some other weird songs, such as "Pry, To" and "Stupid Mop". I don't know the point of these songs. This song no way measures up to the good material on Vitalogy.
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoI learned how to play the accordian partially because of this song. It sounds more like he is just pressing random keys, though.
  • Matt from Dallas, TxThis is one of the very few songs from the PJ catalog that has never been played in concert.
  • Alexis from Evanston, WyI was so excited when I found out Eddie plays the accordian....that's so cool!!!
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoThis song really captures grunge rock. PJ rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Billy Ross from Hagerstown, Mdi always thought that alot of these lyrics dont make alot of sense. this is the only pearl jam song that i dont like.
  • Bitchno from Seattle, Wathis song is awesome im aggreeing w/ rachel although i have to say....its about an addiction the questions do i eat them or join them? as in drugs.. i relli dunno but yeh rach its tight
  • Andy from Leeds, United Statesyeah the songs about the media attention Eddie was getting...
  • Rachel from Sydney, AustraliaI remember when this song first came out. I used to listen to it over and over.I still love it and believe it never really got the air time it deserved, shear brilliance, and tons of fun!
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