Spin The Black Circle

Album: Vitalogy (1994)
Charted: 10 18


  • This song is about vinyl records. Pearl Jam felt they were a great way to listen to music. They are imperfect, but the cracks and sizzles on the records give the songs character not found on CDs, which play the same way every time.
  • Pearl Jam released the album on vinyl 2 weeks before it came out on CD.
  • In 1996, this won the Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance. It is the only Grammy Pearl Jam has won.
  • The entire music video is just a filming of a record player spinning. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Elliot - St. Louis, MO

Comments: 6

  • Kayne from Las VegasWhen I first heard this song, I thought it was about spinning a pentagram with black powder.
  • Jeremy from Lafayette, LaBut I DO think it's about heroin, even though a lot of songs are about it. I think it describes the withdrawals. Because when you get off, you need to think about anything to keep your mind off of it. It's like trying to stay awake after 3 days of no sleep. Like when you wake up early for work/school and you're really tired.
  • Tim from Los Angeles, CaThe album was the first vinyl ever to chart since the inception of CD's in the 80's. It went to number 54 (i think) on vinyl sales alone! Pearl Jam is one of the last bands with any integrity left.
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoA good song. I wish i could listen to this on a vinyl record, but my Vitalogy Cd is a litle sratched, so it is sort of like a vinyl, I guess. Eddie Vedder, you kick ass!
  • Kurt from Downers Grove, IlDon't listen to anyone who says this song is about heroin. There's enough songs about heroin as it is!
  • Gon from Concepcion, ChileOn page 7 from Vitalogy album (StBC lyrics), it says: "a CD is like BAD ACID".
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