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Album: No Code (1996)
Charted: 18 31
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  • The lyrics seem to have the intention of making suicidal people rethink their ideas. Some of they lyrics imply depression, but later in the song, Vedder sings about how you have reason to live - that you have a part to play in the world. >>
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    Dan - Pittsburgh, PA
  • This was included on Pearl Jam's greatest hits album Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003 with a slight lyric change: Instead of "circumstance, clapping hands," it's "avalanche, falling fast." >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

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  • Zach from Tallahassee, FlI wonder why Pearl Jam hates this song and this album so much, it is so good and the best album they ever made. Maybe it did horrible on the charts, but they sell-out concerts within 10 seconds, and make enough money.
  • Bill from Pierce , IdThe tune seems to imply a thirst for the spirit in a hard and hateful world, much like the song "In My Tree"; I love them both.
  • Jessica from Calgary, AbThis song is strange but I it has a good message and is a good example of existentialism.
  • Troy from Little Falls, Mnwe all are important. we have a place and everything down to the simply things in life -there is a purpose enjoy every moment it "plays a part"
  • Angelo from New York, NyMaybe its me but I do not see the suicide message in it.
  • Sharpy!!! from Pittsworth, AustraliaBut this song is very upbeat!!! Weird but upbeat
  • Sharpy!!! from Pittsworth, AustraliaThis song is a bit weird! The NO CODE album was weird! It sounded sorta Middle Eastern in a way!
  • Ben from Nyc, MsSweet I am the second person to comment. Never really listened to PJ, maybe I will soon.
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoSweet, I am the first person to comment! This is a good song, but it lacked some of the grunge PJ had in their earlier music. Nonetheless, Pearl Jam is the best band ever! You guys rock!
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