Seesaw Sway


  • Peter Murphy does not write straightforward lyrics, and rarely explains them, leaving their interpretations up to the listener. This song features a girl "luning at the Moon," and he's been looking her way for "23 summers." The girl in question could be his daughter, Hurihan, who was born in 1988.

    In a 2017 Songfacts interview, Murphy offered: "That song is an unusual, for me, account of a relationship. A friend at the time."
  • Murphy wrote this song with David Baron, who produced the album.
  • The video was directed by Justin Coloma and shows Murphy performing the song at the Paramour Mansion in Silverlake, California.
  • This isn't the first time Murphy has used "seesaw" in a lyric: In his 1988 song "All Night Long," he sings about "your seesaw smile."


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