Album: Honorary Citizen (1997)
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  • This song tells of Peter Tosh's view towards Bob Marley and what he believed were Marley's hypocritical ways. At 3:33 into the song, Tosh makes this clear, saying, "Address this song to Bob Marley do I." He then makes another reference to Marley in the closing 6 seconds of this song. >>
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  • Andy from New Zealand Rasta is fairly new? I'm not totally sure but I would say it has formed over a period of time and may go back to ancient religion? Any way RASTA is not a set religion, all religions have room to grow, I don't care about Bob and Peter's little feud I'm sure deep down they respected each other. Bruce Lee was a master of taking many aspects from different religions and system and making them work for him, and he shared his ideas with others. I think that is good.
    I'm sure Rasta has many branches which can also be good if you like things to learn and understand.
  • Trevor from Tulsa, OkIt might be because Marley's vision of Rastafari is different to what Garvey set-up, Rasta used to be about the whites being proclaimed devils and that blacks should overcome. Most of the youths don't understand this because they only look at the story one-sided. Marley did change Rastafari, and in my opinion for they better, although many of his personal attributes weren't as pretty as most people think. Tosh and Marley were great visionaries and nothing should ever break their visions.
  • Tyjah from Lagrange, GaI don't have anything to add about what happen between the two, but the two put out some of the truest words of Rasta, Peter said best to say "righteousness" other than the word LOVE there is nothing greater.
    Ty, Ga.
  • Mike from Warwick, Ri"Lots of guys who where deadlocks who is 1,000,000 miles away from rasta...they are like night to day...see..and I know what the cause of what rasta means...righteousness!"...taken from a Peter Tosh boxed set....Pete's answer to Marley's Iron, Lion, Zion...awesome tune but you have to think Peter Tosh is being a bit childish in his assessment of Bob Marley and rastafarism...anyway, I live in Warwick, Rhode Island, what the heck do I know.
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