This Must Be Love

Album: Face Value (1981)
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  • This is a track from Genesis drummer and vocalist Phil Collins' debut solo album, Face Value. Many of the songs on the album are based on the pain and anger Collins felt after divorcing his first wife Andrea in 1979. However this one takes a more positive stance on matters of the heart. Collins told The Mail on Sunday March 28, 2010: "People generally consider my album Face Value as sad, but there are a number of songs on it that show a break in the clouds. This is one."
  • The song features backing vocals from American singer-songwriter Stephen Bishop, whose hits include "Save It For a Rainy Day," and "On and On." Bishop appeared in the movie Animal House as a sensitive singer whose guitar meets a brutal end at the hands of John Belushi. He wrote "Separate Lives," which Collins recorded as a duet with Marilyn Martin.

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  • Michael from Bismarck IllinoisThis song is one of so many favorites of mine out of all the stuff that Phil did rather it'd be solo, with Genesis, Brand X, or even with another band that he used to be a part of which was called Flaming Youth. Another reason why & what I love about this song also is how well it was arranged & how melodic it especially with how alfonso Johnson's bass compliments this song. I do play guitar, piano, & also bass guitar as a hobby & this is one of the songs that I have learned to play by ear. The song itself is in the musical key/sound of D minor (Dm) just in case if anybody wanted to know.
  • Mitchell from Liverpool, UkThis song was written about Phil Collins' second wife Jill Tavelman, who he had just met at the time of making the album.
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