Fast Enough for You


  • The lyrics refer to Tom Marshall, who has written many songs with guitarist Trey Anastasio. They talk about how Marshall's relationship with his girlfriend was not going as fast as she wanted it to go. It was a direct response to her wish to get married. >>
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    Jeff - Kendall Park, NJ
  • Marshall has written many songs with Anastasio, including "Stash," "Bouncing Around the Room," and "Down With Disease." Some of his solo compositions performed by Phish include "Dirt" and "First Tube."
  • Appears on their 3-disc 2002 live release, Vol. 12 - 8/13/96 - Noblesville, IN. This is part of a series of live Phish concerts released on CD in their entirety.

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  • Michele Head from NyI'm thinking dude that says he saw em at FURTHUR back in the day means he saw them on H.O.R.D.E. (horizons of rock developing everywhere) which Blues Traveler, Phish and (and maybe WP) started, 93 or 94, which by the time I worked for Phish had left 95-99 and was replaced by DMB and Neil Young...
    And for the record: I've seen Phish since 1992 and f--k yes they kill it. And that's coming from a deadhead lol.
  • Toe from C Town, OhAlbania, get a grip. You're the reason I can't deal with alot of self-anointed Phish fans. Too good for their own sh!t. Losers like u give Phish a bad name. Even Trey would admit that some of his later shows were utter crap; many many Kids would agree. So quit rubbing one off to Scent of a Mule and don't take yourself so seriously. Seriously!

    Anybody else call in and get Hampton tix '09???? What a rush!!!
  • Frick from AlbaniaEugene i can tell you have never seen phish. any real fan of ny band unconditionaly loves every song that the particular band plays. the siket disk was an unbeleiveable album. Phish was never bored of their music and still arent acording to recent statements by trey himsef "I would give my left nut to play you enjoy myself back to back 5 times a day". you just enjoy the safe, non-jam, studio cuts of phish, be a real phan and get into live. basicly what im trying to say here is, Phuck you
  • Kelli from Columbus, OhIt's not a woman who sings with Trey on FEFY. It's probably Mike, who has a somewhat high voice (listen to "Train Song" off Billy Breathes to get an idea of his tone).

  • Bennett from Bozeman, Mtwho is the woman that sings with trey in this song? I need to know... its a life or death situation here.
  • Hal from Gaithersburg, Mdfirst tube is instrumental, so obviously marshall had nothing to do with it. and they didn't play further fest. you should all know your facts before posting em....
  • Tommy from Southboro, MaI don't believe Marshall wrote "First Tube", because in an interview with Guitar World Trey Anastasio talks about how he never felt right playing "First Tube" with Phish because his bassist in his solo act came up with it. I could be wrong though
  • Geo from Eugene, OrI loved the first 5 or 6 albums, saw them live 6 times, the last time at the Furthur fest way back when. I think they were bored out of their skulls the last few years but couldn't pass up the $$$. I mean really, have you heard the sakit disc? what a picec of crap!
  • Nick from Shelton, CtCome on people represent, phish rocks hard
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