Free Four

Album: Obscured By Clouds (1972)
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  • This song is from Obscured By Clouds, one of a few soundtracks Pink Floyd produced early in their career to rid themselves of pressure on their artistic expression. The album was made for a movie called La Vallee, also known as The Valley (Obscured by Clouds). Pink Floyd also produced a soundtrack for the film More. Barbet Schroeder directed both films. >>
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    Joel - Chicago, IL
  • The lyrics are rather depressing, but the song is very upbeat (including Roger Waters gleefully uttering a line about the angel of death). It's about how our lives pass by - most of the time with no real effect on the cycle by which we all live and pass. >>
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    Matt - Russell Springs, KY, for above 2
  • The title itself is not in the lyrics, but it's said at the very beginning when the band counts "one, two, free, four," a play on words. >>
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    Jim - Oxnard, CA

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  • Darren from Auckland, New ZealandOne of those tunes you just can't get out of your head, and also one that you don't want to ever get out of your head! Love it, classic early Floyd.
  • Chloe from St. Louis, Mois it really twisted that this song makes me happy?
  • Thrill from Halifax, NsLove this song if for the only the fack that its a very catchy tune which they didn't strive for.. but here as already mentioned the song upbeat tone is a great contrast to the lyrics great, my fav on this album though been a while since i've listened to Obscured
  • Madalyn from Greensburg, Pai love how the louds comes in one ear and radiated through my head and exits the other ear and i obsorb the whole sound...i wish they would have kept their original name the pink flotd sound...well they went thro a lot of names but thats a whole different story
  • Ryan from Plano, TxThis was probably the Floyd's second ever song to really deal with death and the like on such a personal level - "Corporal Clegg" being the first take on such serious subject matter.
  • Travis from Rocky Mount, NcThe bass organ slam Wright plays between lines is very similar to the one that can be faintly heard along with the bass/guitar licks during Mason's timpani solo in the intro to "Time" off Dark Side Of The Moon, a good example of Floyd's use of "signature" sounds throughout their albums.
  • Matt from Jericho, NyPink Floyd has the great ability to combine the most depressing lyrics with the most upbeat of tunes and that is what made them so unique in their early years. This is just one great example of extremely depressing lyrics with an upbeat fun loving tune
  • Robert from South Bend, InI would have to agree that Childhood's End is the best on Obscured by Clouds but this song is still quite good
  • Bob from Mt. Laurel, NjChildhood's End is definently the best song on Obscured By The Clouds.
  • James from Sudbury, Canadathis seems to be about roger waters dad (erik fletcher waters) dying "you are the angel of death and i am the dead mans son he was buried like a mole in a foxhole and everyone is still on the run who is the master of foxhounds and who sais the hunt has begun" and also who is responsible, two things he very much expressed on "the wall"
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