Nancy Boy

Album: Placebo (1996)
Charted: 4
  • Nancy Boy refers to a man who is very feminine; the lyrics mention the man putting on makeup and perfume in his room. The song has a theme of accepting one's sexuality and blurring the lines of gender roles ("It all breaks down to role reversal...") that men were always so hesitant to do. >>
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    Jessie Ann - Purchase, NY
  • Brian Molko of Placebo: "People who think it's fashionable to be gay-guys who think that because some of my best friends are gay that they are going to try it out because they are in a milieu where it's cool, but they haven't actually had the desire themselves. In the song, I'm questioning people's reasons for sleeping with someone of the same sex. In the same way that heroin is very hip today, being bisexual seems to be very chic." It's an exploration into somebody's misogyny yet heartfelt. It's angry, nasty, insulting and completely politically incorrect." >>
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    Exsanguine - Brisbane, Australia
  • There are two versions of this song: the video and album version, and a slower unreleased version. >>
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    Brandon - Manchester, United Kingdom
  • David Fox, the 12-year-old boy photographed in the album cover, announced on June 25, 2012 that he was suing Placebo for "ruining" his life. Fox claimed that the picture was taken by his professional photographer cousin following the death of his brother and was used without his permission. After the album became a massive hit, he was bullied at school and made to feel like an outsider. Fox dropped out, and at the time of his legal action was an unemployed chef.
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  • Karl from Ingatestone, United KingdomI've seen this Placebo song get played in the background when Mark Lamarr is introducing Brian Molko on Nevermind The Buzzcocks, i love Placebo. Brian Molko surely knows all of the indecipherable lyrics of Rolling Stones, i have this Placebo song on Now 36 and still gets back many memories from Placebo
  • Brandon from Manchester, United KingdomIt's as if Brian is refering to himself here!!
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