Goodbye For Now

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  • Check out the female vocal at the end of this song - that's a pre-fame Katy Perry, who also appears in the video. When we spoke with P.O.D. lead singer Sonny Sandoval, he explained how it happened: "We did Testify (2006 album) with Glen Ballard. Glen Ballard's got a million Grammys, he's worked with Alanis Morissette, he's just an amazing, amazing man. So that was his protégé at the time. So when we did that song 'Goodbye for Now,' we're like, you know what would be cool is if we just got a cool female vocal. And he's like, 'I got just the perfect person.' And here comes little Katy Perry. She's a little studio rat, she'd just come around, and such a sweet girl. You could tell she came from a good family, and just wanted to show the Jesus tattoo on her wrist, and she was like, 'I think I saw you guys in a youth rally so many years ago.' I'm like, 'That's so cool.' But here she was in Hollywood trying to do her thing and make her career.

    It's like choices and decisions. We heard she made this Christian gospel record and all of a sudden here she is in Hollywood just trying to figure it out. That's just the journey of life. So we're good friends with her, she'd hang out all the time. She did Jay Leno with us and a couple of other TV shows, and we'd always see her in and out of Hollywood just networking and stuff. And who'd have ever guessed she'd be one of the biggest pop stars in the world right now?"
  • Lead singer Sonny Sandoval said of this song: "When I sing, 'If joy really comes in the morning time then I'm gonna sit back and wait until the next sunrise,' I'm talking about that promise we have of a better tomorrow. It might be tough right now, but I have to stick it out. I relate that to my mother's passing, other family members who have passed away, and how I had to deal with it. But, anybody can relate to the song. It's all in how you take it and how the lyrics relate to you."
  • The working title for this song was "Autumn" because the band was recording it for the record during this time. >>
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  • Cavid from Ankara, TurkeyThis song features background vocals by Katy Perry, who can be seen at the end of the music video.
  • Brandon from Aurora, Ilthis song is my anthem
  • Denise from Corpus Christi, TxI love this song. I would listen to this song after the passing of my parents and I felt like everything is going to be alright. I guess you can take the lyrics anyway you like.
  • Devon from Westerville, OhI love this song. It's great live. POD is awesome.
  • Whitney from Little Rock, ArGREAT song.Well said,Erik.
  • Erik from Willow Hill, Pathis is an emotional song and really good to unwind to
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