The Forces of Radio Have Dropped a Viper into the Rhythm Section

Album: Rival Factions (2007)
  • Lead singer Andrew Schwab said of this song in an interview with "It's about likening fond memories of an ex to a VCR. Where it's the idea of going back and revisiting old video tapes and putting it in your VCR is great until your realize the tape is corroded and the picture's horrible and that your VCR doesn't work very well mechanically. So you just put the tape in and it flashes red and ejects itself. It's like dealing with an obsolete technology. You remember how fun it was, but trying to use it now and apply it currently is a hassle. So the idea of having memories that you only remember the good things until you were to revisit that memory with that person or whatever, and then you're reminded of the crap you went through. *laughs* You know what I mean? So that's what that song's about." >>
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