A Life Embossed

  • One of the more socially-conscious tracks on Volition, the song finds the Canadian band challenging Pit Bull laws in their home state. Lead singer Rody Walker said: "The boys in Protest The Hero are long time dog lovers, it has come to our attention that there's injustice afoot! Our home of Ontario, Canada is the largest territory in all the world to pass legislation that discriminates against a specific breed of dog. This is a worldwide issue that the band is incredibly disturbed by. The song and video for 'A Life Embossed' attempts to draw much-needed attention to an issue that affects all dog lovers alike."
  • Here are a few more songs on our database about man's best friend:

    "Me and You and a Dog named Boo" by Lobo is about two hippies and a dog taking a cross-country road trip.

    "I Love My Dog" by Cat Stevens finds the singer-songwriter recalling a dachshund that he found abandoned when young, which he took home.

    "How Come There's No Dog Day?" by Tommy Cooper finds the English comedian asking why there can't be a Dog Day as well as a Mother's Day and Father's Day?

    "Death Of A Martian" by Red Hot Chilli Peppers is a tribute to bassist Flea's dog, who'd passed away while the band was recording Stadium Arcadium.

    "Big Black Dog" by Emmylou Harris concerns a black Labrador mix named Bella who provides the singer company when she was on the road.

    "Get Down" by Gilbert O'Sullivan is a plea by the Irish singer-songwriter to his dog to stop jumping all over him.


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