Queen Artistfacts

  • 1971-1991
    Freddie MercuryVocals
    Brian MayGuitar
    John DeaconBass
    Roger TaylorDrums
  • Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar, went to boarding school in India, and came to England with his parents in 1964. His birth name is Farrokh Bulsara, but due to racial abuse he suffered in his early teens, he legally changed his name in 1972.
  • Mercury died of AIDS the day after announcing he had the disease. He died the morning of November 24, 1991 at age 45.
  • May is an accomplished scholar. He studied astronomy and physics at Imperial College in London.
  • All four members wrote at least one of their hits. Since they all wrote, it gave them a very diverse sound.
  • Before forming Queen, May and Taylor were in a psychedelic band called Smile.
  • Brian May's guitar is called the Red Special, and was made with the help of his father, who was an engineer, while Brian was still in high school. The body was made from an old mantelpiece that a family friend had discarded while renovating his house and the whammy bar was made from parts of an old bicycle kick stand. It is the interesting mix of materials that make May's guitar tone impossible to duplicate and why he sounds so original. It has a unique tone, which has become his signature, and it allowed him to create various sound effects found on many of Queen's songs, such as "Get Down, Make Love." >>
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  • They first toured the US as the opening band for Mott The Hoople in 1974.
  • In 1981, they did the soundtrack for the movie Flash Gordon, which was a huge flop.
  • All of the members are very intelligent. In addition to May's degree in astronomy, they have degrees in biology (Taylor), illustration (Mercury), and electronics (Deacon).
  • They proudly declared that no synthesizers were used in their music until 1980. Roger Taylor was the first member of Queen to get a synth. Taylor recalled to Mojo: "Freddie was all over it – 'Ooh what does this do?' It changed the way we did things."
  • When Mercury moved to England in 1959, he lived less than a football field distance from May, but the two never met until 1970.
  • Mercury's stamp collection was purchased by the British Postal Service for almost $5,000. It is currently on display at the National Postage Museum.
  • May and Taylor have continued to represent Queen. In 2005, they toured with Paul Rodgers, best known for his work with Bad Company and Free. In 2012, they started performing with Adam Lambert up front, first touring with him in 2014.
  • In 2004, in Japan, a very popular TV drama called Pride, featuring SMAP's Kimura Takuya and about an Ice Hockey player, featured a mainly Queen soundtrack. This brought the Queen Greatest Hits album to a record breaking #1. The show and music appealed to people of all ages - just like Wayne's World, this brought Queen to a whole new generation. >>
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  • John Deacon has not participated in any Queen projects since the '90s. He maintains his privacy and stays clear of the media.
  • Although Freddie Mercury was the primary vocalist for the band, all the members of the group except Deacon sang lead vocals on different songs. Deacon did, however, provide backing vocals during live shows.
  • The Official International Queen Fan Club was set up in 1973 after the release of the band's first album. At its peak, membership exceeded 20,000. It is certified by Guiness World Records as the longest running Rock group fan club.
  • Queen is really famous. They were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2001. In 2003, they also became the first band to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. They were inducted into the UK Music Hall Of Fame in 2004, and have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Widely considered as one of the greatest vocalists in popular music history, Freddie Mercury possessed a very distinctive voice. Although his speaking voice naturally fell in the baritone range, his singing voice was that of a tenor. His recorded vocal range spanned nearly 4 octaves (falsetto included), with his lowest recorded note being the F below the bass clef and his highest recorded note being the D that lies nearly 4 octaves above. In addition to vocal range, Mercury often delivered technically difficult songs in a powerful manner. However, due to vocal nodules (for which he declined surgery), he would often lower the highest notes during many concerts. Mercury claimed that he never had any formal vocal training. >>
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  • According to the official UK charts company, Queen have sold more albums than The Beatles from 1955-2005 in the UK. Queen's Greatest Hits (5,407,587) has sold a little over half a million more copies than The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (4,811,996), and almost 2 million more than Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon (3,781,993). The results are based strictly on sales figures, not fan voting or expert analysis. This begs the question that if, as John Lennon once suggested, The Beatles were "More popular than Jesus," what does that make Queen?
  • In 1984, Queen performed in South Africa during the Apartheid era, which caused some controversy as most artists were boycotting the country because of the racist policy. Any ill-will was erased by their performance at Live Aid a year later, where their set was one of the highlights.
  • Freddie Mercury designed their "Queen Crest" logo. He had a degree in Art and Graphic Design from Ealing Art College in England.
  • Brian May was named Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University in 2007. >>
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  • A study by Austrian, Czech, and Swedish researchers released in 2016 concluded that Freddie Mercury had a rare and unique singing voice. The study stated that Mercury likely employed subharmonics, in which the ventricular folds vibrate along with the vocal folds. Most human vocal patterns never use the ventricular folds, with the exception of Tuvan throat singers. In addition, Mercury's vocal cords just moved faster than other people's. While a typical vibrato will fluctuate between 5.4 Hz and 6.9 Hz, Mercury's was 7.04 Hz. To look at that in a more scientific way, a perfect sine wave for vibrato assumes the value of 1, which is pretty close to where famous opera singer Luciano Pavarotti sat. Mercury, on the other hand, averaged a value of 0.57, meaning he was vibrating something in his throat even Pavarotti couldn't move. >>
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  • What are the guys in Queen really like? Their longtime photographer Neal Preston told Songfacts:

    Roger was the rock star, with the looks, the talent, the clothes.

    Freddie was a bit more soft spoken off stage than you'd think, but he always had the swagger that came with being Freddie Mercury. He loved the camera.

    John seemed to have eyes in the back of his head - he'd always be aware of everything going on but wouldn't necessarily talk about it. Then all of a sudden, a zinger would come out of his mouth.

    Brian, at first, seemed a bit aloof to me but I came to realize that he's just not a boisterous guy. He's pensive, brilliant, and he understands what it truly means to be a fan.
  • Robbie Williams was asked to join the band after he teamed up with Brian May and Roger Taylor to re-record "We Are the Champions" for the movie A Knight's Tale. He turned them down for two reasons:

    1) The thought of filling the shoes of Freddie Mercury was way too intimidating.

    2) He was already playing stadiums as a solo artist.

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  • Mark from CoQueen is the only band in history where every member has written at least 3 #1 songs.
    The whole band is in the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.
  • Susan from Illinois Lucyinthesky and the many commenters on Lucy,
    Obviously Lucyinthesky is a Beatles fan. Nothing wrong with that!
    Most of us here are Queen fans commenting favorably about Queen. Let’s all just calm down and enjoy both Queen and the Beatles-two very talented bands!
  • George from Vancouver, CanadaLucyintheSky: YOU have our opinion rgegarding the greatness of singers & voices; don't presume that the millions of Queen fans are just going to dump their love of Queen & fall to your feet seeking 'Truth' BAH! (*mumbling* Children. . . *sigh*)
  • George from Vancouver, CanadaTrue greatness, indeed! I can pop on any Queen album(LP) any time & be drawn deeply into it! Every nuance of sound -- instruments in harmony, including that incredible voice of Freddy's! One of a kind. . .

  • Marianne from Pennsylvania, UsaTo LucyintheSky from Philadelphia I can only conclude that you are either extremely young which would make you very misinformed or you are of such a low intellectual level that you cannot grasp simple facts. I didn't even finish reading your completely idiotic comments because they make no sense and are so far from reality that it seemed a waste of time to finish reading your dribble. Queen's performance at Live Aid is considered to be the greatest live rock and roll performance of all times but according to you they suck, right. Their Bohemian Rhapsody, which they are probably known most for, has been view over 1 billion times on YouTube. The billion with a B. But I guess if they were better they would have hit a trillion views, right? They have sold more albums worldwide than the Beatles and Pink Floyd as well as most other artists of their generation and now for that matter. The rock anthems like "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions" that you think are so stupid are played and sung in stadiums all over the world at every kind of sports events. They are two of the most recognizable songs in rock and roll history. Their concerts routinely packed in more fans than any other rock groups of the time as they constantly broke records for the largest audiences of any band. But I guess that was just luck, huh? None of their success had anything to do with their genius talent that each one of them possessed. Not according to you. The biopic Bohemian Rhapsody grossed over 900 million dollars to date and that's because they are one of the greatest bands of all times. Freddie Mercury told his friends and family that he intended to become a legend and he did exactly that. Even now 30 years after his death people are still talking about him, he is gaining new fans every day and their music is just as popular as it has always been.
  • Corina Palumbo from East Northport I never listened to Queen’s music until I saw the movie Bohemian R. and fell head over heels for it. Freddy Mercury had a gift, they all did, and what they did was incredible think what he could have done if he lived longer, and to be gay at that time, what a shame we lost him,he could have been much more with more time,miss him very much.
  • Esther from Washington StateI love Queen (Freddie, Brian, John and Roger) very much and they are the greatest band in the whole world as far as I am concerned. They were very classy band group. I always love to listen their Hungarian Rhapsody Tour in Budapest and I love the movie (by Malek) Live Aid. I missed them all and most especially to Freddie Mercury.
  • Marie from San FransicoI love Queen, it's a great band and I enjoyed reading these facts!
  • Bridget from CoQueen definitely does appeal to all ages! I'm in middle school and love Queen, my little brother likes them as well, a few kids in my school do as well, same goes for a kid who doesn't go to my school. Same with some kids who I went to summer camp with. My parents love Queen, my grandmother loves Bohemian Rhapsody, and I think my history teacher likes Queen, too!
  • Lisa from NewyorkQueen definitely is the Best band ever! Freddie, Brian, John and Roger were so amazing together. Their musical talent was off the charts great. Freddie was this musical genius who had such a beautiful way making all of us feel the music. Together these 4 misfits were just perfect. I urge anyone who doesn't know the music of Queen to start listening to their music from Queen's early days. The radio does not seem to play many of their earlier music. These songs were so full of emotion and in my opinion brilliant. Queen's music never stayed in one place. You could never pin Queen's music to one genre, they were so multi faceted which made them so appealing to so many. Dive into all of Queen's songs not just the ones that get a lot of air time, only then you will get the full picture of who Queen was!
  • Freddiemaniac from Boston, Mass.To Lucy from Pa....
    YOU are the one who is scary! Scary stupid! But that's par for the course. After all, you are a B's worshiper... following the mundane, mindless masses off the cliff to the sophomoric, simplicity of their ever so boring, repetitive repertoire.
    That group is So overrated, overplayed, overexposed, and under talented. Their stuff is old, stale, trite, and boring. P.M. once admitted to knowing only 3 chords. Bohemian Rhapsody has SIXTY CHORDS!
    But that's just for starters.
    QUEEN is the most eclectic band, w/over 40 diff genres of music! Their songs are Still new, fresh, relevant, and totally ageless; none sound like any of the others, each so amazingly diff from one another, so beautiful and unique.
    Queen had 4 of the most brilliant musicians in Freddie, Brian, Roger, and John. Musically, they blew the B's away. Vocally.....vocally, you can't even mention those other fools in the same sentence!
    Those whiny, self-centered, spoiled egotists were simply at the right place, at the right time. Jimmy Hung could've come along, riding on Elvis's coat tails like them, and hit it big.
    After Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Isley Bros, & Chubby Checker paved the way, the climate, (political and sociological), was ideal for a band, any band, to explode on the music scene. And if it had been The Dave Clark Five lucky enough to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show (on 1 of the 3 channels that were available) that fateful Sunday night, we'd be talking about them instead, a much better and more talented band, btw, lol.
    It was a time of social unrest and political turmoil. Rock 'n' Roll was a form of rebellion for the youth of the day. They were hungry for the freedom it offered, in turn, eating up every silly piece of crap that masqueraded as "music," much like you apparently.
    And don't forget, quantity does NOT equal quality! If it did, that freak Psy, who has over a billion YouTube views would be great, but alas, he's simply Grating!
    I've seen every big name since the 60's, including your lackluster b's, none of whom were even memorable. Yet, when I saw, rather Experienced, Freddie just a few yrs ago, HE BLEW ME AWAY!!!!! THROUGH the TV!! Changing my life forever, seriously!
    I could not believe my eyes at this gorgeous, energetic creature prancing about w/ so much enthusiasm, charisma, and unbridled passion that he injected into every note, every lyric....then came his voice.....that magnificent, incredibly gorgeous voice! I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. It was like hearing, really hearing, music for the very first time. The emotion, the excitement, the vigor w/ which Freddie performed was majestic and unequaled by any mere mortal before, since, or ever again.
    Nobody can touch Freddie's magic. NOBODY!!!
    Also, like Kate from Portugal so aptly said: if you only know Queen from their hits, you don't know Queen at all. Their hidden gems are a treasure trove of sheer ecstasy! An excursion into auditory bliss!!
    Queen is the greatest band in the universe!
    QUEEN = geniuses, all of them!!
    FREDDIE = genius extraordinaire!
  • Tammy from Rock Island, IlJames-Vancover, Canada- (no attack on you intended) you got to remember the climate toward the gay community back in those days. Coming out wasn't to great of an option back in the 70s- look up Anita Bryant (singer, Tropicana orange juice spokes person-dropped, TV hostess, religious extremist) made it her personal quest to keep all gays in the closet or even better to get rid of them, they were to have no "gay rights." A southern woman, in the USA out to condemn the immoral doings of the gay community toward the human race and our children (modern day witch hunt - like the Salem witch trails). Being an American gay person was persecuted badly, but could you imagine coming to here and being an outed gay person, foreigner, the picket lines, the billboards they would have done to you. Freddie's magnificent voice came from his vocal chords, nothing to do with his genital area - so what does straight, bi or gayness have to do with his songs??? Long live Freddie's fans and then long will live Freddie Mercury. ~love a Queen purest
  • Pete from Bethanga, AustraliaMy 6 year old daughter Bella had to perform a song for her primary school talent contest. She made the final by singing 'Home Among the Gum Trees' a great kids song. I almost fell over when she said she was going to sing Bohemian Rhapsody in the final unaccompanied. She was up against some older year 3, 4, 5 and 6 students and from what I heard she left everyone 'gobsmacked'. It is such an incredible song that she delivered with so much passion that she WON the competition hands down!
    She was five years old the day she found out that Freddy had died and she cried a lot... and was really heart broken, as she declared she loved Freddy...why did he have to die?
    Her dream is to hopefully meet all the other band members one day! Does anyone know how we can contact Brian, Paul or Rodger?
    In the meantime Bella is rehearsing to one day to be the lead singer of her own Queen tribute band.
    She's so determined, who knows she may just do it!!!
    Pete Bethanga Australia
  • Kate C. from Lisbon, PortugalIf you think you know Queen well just because you've heard songs like We Are The Champions and We Will Rock You let me tell you that you DO NOT know Queen at all.
    Their early stuff is amazing, especially their debut album, Queen. Queen is perhaps the most versatile band of all time, they've done rock, metal, hard rock, pop, glam rock, funk, soul, jazz, opera, vaudeville, progressive rock .... Gospel with 'Somebody to love', Metal with ' Stone Cold Crazy', by the way this is the first speed metal song of all time.
    ' mock-opera" with Bohemian Rhapsody. Arena Rock, a music genre apparently created by Queen themselves, " We Will Rock You" and " Radio Ga Ga"
    Funk with 'Another one bites the dust', vaudeville with ' Seaside Rendezvous', prog rock with 'The March of the Black Queen' etc etc etc
    Queen are also pioneers on music videos. Their videoclip for " Bohemian Rhapsody" is considered the first real videoclip of all time.
    Queen are also the band that made concerts in football stadiums popular.
    In 1981, they took on South America. They were the first band to tour South America, booking the biggest stadiums in the world and playing for more than 200 000 people in São Paulo, Brazil, where they had a magnigicent reception, the crowds knew evey word of their songs even though they were no english speakers.
    In 1985, Queen conquered Live Aid. Their 17 minute performance is regarded as the best live performance of all time. Queen was the best live act of the day and was seen by more than 70.000 people at Wembley and more than 1500 million on TV.
    The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992, which featured many famous artists and close friends of Freddie and Queen like Elton John, Guns n Roses, Extreme, Metallica, Paul Young etc. This concert was held at the Wembley Stadium and was seen by more than 1000 million people on TV worlwide.
  • Kate C. from Lisbon, PortugalOh come on! You simply can not compare Queen to The Beatles! Queen are simply the greatest band ever, they distroy, crash, step over The Beatles! Queen is my favourite band and yes they are exaggerated but that is what makes them one of the best artists of all time, they are dynamic, excentric, powerful, killer, energetic, amazing, bombastic.... One thing is for sure, you´re never i ndifferent while listening to Queen, you HATE IT or you LOVE IT. Queen is something fenomenal and it´s for sure the most famous band of all time nowadays ( sry but the beatles are a bit forgotten). So, please, go bitching away on the other pages cause Queen is UNTOUCHABLE. You can´t put a finger on the Greatest song of all time, Bohemian Rhapsody. I don´t know why these stupid people come here only to criticize Queen if they don´t like this band, you guys are just jealous cause Queen deserves all the recognition and the others ( specially Beatle fans) can stand it. Well, Freddie Mercury is a better lead singer and frontman than Paul McCartney, George Harrison, John Lennon and Ringo Starr put together and Brian May is a better guitarist than George Harrison, John Deacon is a better bassist than Paul McCartney ( lol no doubt of that) and Roger Taylor a better drummer than Ringo since Ringo only played the 60´s soft drum beat....
    After all this, who is the best? Queen is.
    " And there´s nothing you can do about it at all"
  • Fabio from Ja?, BrazilQueen played to 250,000 fan at the first Rock in Rio festival in January 1985...I've been there! Iron Maiden and Whitesnake opened the night.
  • Fabio from Ja?, BrazilThe song '39' is the 39th song if you count from the first album.
    The cover of the first queen album was an freddie's draw.
    Freddie hated sliced bread, and his favorite color was black.
  • Jessica from Rosetown, SkQueen's sound is definately one of the best I've heard. I think that people that are comparing them to the Beatles are crazy. I LOVE the Beatles. They are one of my favourite musical groups. Comparing Queen and the Beatles is just stupid. They are two totally different groups that shouldn't be compared. They have totally different styles.
  • Nate from Lubbock, TxTo Carolyn...I'm a hardcore Queen fan I personally think Freddie Mercury had a better voice than John Lennon...and I am far more fond of Queen's sound than I am the beatles. But thats just my oppoion, as you have your'es about the beatles. I also notice that you are quick to point out the statistics of how much better the beatles are than Queen...Personally I dont care what the statistcs say, I love Queen I feel Queen...Queen moves me in ways the beatles never have and never will. I do think that it is pretty bold to say that John Lennon was a better Vocalist than Freddie Mercury...Not kidding, at least 8/10 people Ive talked to about this say that Freddie had the best vocals in rock and roll history...John Lennon and the Beatles in my oppion are top 15...but thats me Queen is my number 1 band and The Doors make a close second place. But regaurdless it doesnt matter to me what some web poll says...like I said earlier I love Queen I feel Queen they move me and inspire me to be in the music buisness which is somthing The beatles dont do for me....But we are all entitled to are own oppion and I just felt the need to Voice mine.
  • Derek from Buckeye, AzI just want to see one person in my life say that Queen, no doubt, has to be the most listened to band ever. Sales have to be off. Imagine....
    Every school sport, every professional sport...all in every single counrty (almost) play we will rock you and/or we are the champions.... and sometimes another one bites the dust...a few times even if it is just the beat to we will rock you etc. Just imagine the math. Thousands of games plus a day playing it and everyone of them bought the record at least once. If someone could ever figure the math out it would be very interesting to see. Not just saying this cause they have always been my favorite since I could walk either. just a thought. Not many songs played that much.
  • Sarah from Temperance, MiQueen is the best band ever no doubt about it
  • Juan from Buenos Aires, ArgentinaI don't like Queen- They are like Supertramp, Air Supply, Elton John, Roxette, Carpenters , Reo Speedwagon......yeah, just crap.
  • Liza from Funkytown, AustraliaCarolyn, Paul McCartney himself once called Freddie "King Mercury". If Paul is so God-like, then him calling Freddie 'King Mercury' must mean something.
    Besides, the sales show it all - Bohemian Rhapsody beat Imagine AND Hey Jude for the most popular single released in the UK, it's part of the Guinness Hall of Fame. Too bad if you don't like that, because the majority of everyone else do. So stop coming to the Queen page here to bitch about it, because nobody else really cares.
    Oh, and 'obnoxious bad imitation of opera'? Believe that if you want, but the fact that it stayed in the top charts in the UK for 17 weeks and the top charts in the US for 24 weeks and its re-release in 1991 sent it back to #1 yet again says enough. Freddie went on to experiment more with opera with Monsterrat Caballe and performed beautifully with her. If you're one of those people who can't stand it when an artist expands their horizon by trying DIFFERENT things, then you need to leave this page.
    Don't get me wrong, I think John Lennon is a beautiful singer, he's one of my favourites - but he did not have the diversity, strength, energy and theatrical element that Freddie had.
  • Lucyinthesky from Philadelphia, PaDigitaldreamdoor lists Queen's bass player John Deacon at # 32 but they have Paul MCartney at # 8 out of 100 Greatest Rock Bass Guitarists so I was right that The Beatles *AER* Rated higher in many categories! And as the All Music Guide Says John Lennon and Paul McCartney were were not only great song composers but among the best and most expresive in rock! They were not just good singers with good voices they were both great singers with great voices and John had the more unique beautiful voice! George Martin said it was one of the best voices he ever heard!

    And in 1967 when The Beatles were recording Baby You're A Rich Man 2 of the engineers said they had always been fascinted with the sound of John's voice and they always wanted to hear him singing live. And they said they couldn't believe how great his voice sounded and they couldn't believe anyone could sing that well!
  • Lucyinthesky from Philadelphia, PaPlus the music critic for USA Today Ken Barnes said in an online question and answer that Queen changed music for the worst!
  • Lucyinthesky from Philadelphia, PaAustin, I'm not daft at all and I'm not the only one who feels John Lennon had a more beautiful voice than Freddie Mercury! I don't like Freddie's voice that much it's not a bad voice but I don't think it was beautiful and I can't stand most of the over the top obnoxious bad imitation of opera either! I think Paul McCartney and even Bono have better sounding voices too!
  • Barry from Philadelphia, Pa, PaI'd like to comment on remarks made aboutQueen + Paul Rodgers. I've been an advid fan of Queen since 1975 and have had the pleasure of seeing Queen live twice, in 1980 and 1982, as well as owned every album theyu recorded and then some. I purchased the dvd of "Return Of The Champions" and I kept an open mind as to what I was about to see. Would it resemble Queen? Yes and no. While the selections of songs was outstanding, I very much enjoyed Paul Rodgers versions of Queen songs and clearly saw that PR wasn't trying to copy Freddie Mercury in any way. I think the concert was very tastefully done and even got chocked up at how the paid homage to Freddie. Brian, Roger and Paul......... well done!
  • Anna from Ann Arbor, MiHow could you say that Queen was bad or that Freddie Mercury didn't have a good voice? Freddie was one of the most powerful singers ever. I mean, I love The Beatles, they were my favorite band until recently when they were bumped to second, but they can't compare to Freddie's amazing vocals! And it wasn't just Freddie that made Queen, just listen to anything Brian May has done! He has the coolest solos! And all of the songs he wrote have powerful, meaningful lyrics, he has a gorgeous voice and I wish he was able to sing more! Then theres Roger who was a great songwriter, with catchy beats and fun lyrics, and then his voice. Wow, he could hit the highest notes, it was amazing! And John can play the coolest bass beats without ever messing up! He wrote the fewest songs but that ones that he did write all went on to become big hits!
    And about his performance and singing being over the top, that was the whole point! They were trying to be different, they wanted to stick out. Freddie always said that people didn't go to their concerts to listen to just listen to their music, they came for a show!
    I mean, seriously, how could you watch Queen without just loving their melodrama and awesomeness?!
  • Austin from Fall City, WaOkay I love the Beatles as much as the next guy, but anyone that can say that John Lennon has a better voice than Freddie Mercury has to be daft. I mean...Queen had fantastic vocals and magnificent songwriting. The Beatles had great songwriting and good vocals. But the Beatles were nowhere near Freddie. And I'm saying that as a huge Paul McCartney fan. Though I also think that Zeppelin had great musicians, crappy songwriting (for the most part, at least), and a lame vocalist. Brian May is one of the most melodic and intricate guitarists I've heard and it's hard not to be impressed. His voice was amazing. I think even without Freddie, Brian would have gone on to become great. I wish he'd sing more. I recently saw them with Paul Rodgers, and, although he was no Freddie, he did okay. Though I almost cried when Brian sang Love of My Life. And Freddie's sexuality has nothing to do with the fact that the music he helped create was beautiful and touching and powerful. I guess that's all.
  • Jaimie from Nelson, New ZealandIf you are going to insult Queen you might want to check how you spell the names of the songs that many people agree are some of the best ever. ?We Are The Champianions???? Can someone please translate that into English? I love Queen!!! I don?t remember the first song I ever heard, they?ve been around me for my entire life (I?m 14), but I don?t totally reject other bands. Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles ? all great bands too. John Lennon has a perfect singing voice; Paul McCartney was pretty damn awesome too!!! Mick Jagger may have looked a little creepy, but not many are quite that fantastic. But if you want a song that demonstrates Freddie Mercury?s beautiful voice, go with Killer Queen, he?s amazing!!!! One question though, does anybody know where I can get the entire Queen discography, without being left totally and utterly bankrupt???
  • Stefano from Rome, ItalyFor some reasons, after reading some comments in songfacts, I expected to find Carolyn here too. I have surfed - in a random way - one of the sites you cite, digitaldreamdoor.com. Generically, I don't think polls are 100% reliable, it just was my curiosity, so I have taken a look. And guess? All 4 members of Queen are listed in the polls you wrote about. In some of them Mercury and May are even listed in higher positions than Beatles members are. Even Freddie is listed as #1 among rock vocalists. Another example of "selective memory"?
    I think this is an excellent result for a "theatrical overblown bombastic rock schlock (?) that could only have happened in the 70's", isn't it? By the way, probably the 70's - til the advent of punk - was the only period in which, if you wanted to have some success, you HAD to be a good musician.
    It's not a case that groups like Yes, King Crimson, ELP, whose members are all excellent musicians, reached their worldwide success just in those years. Remember, Beatles is not the only good group on earth.
    Keep on listening "exciting" songs like Yellow Submarine instead of "boring" ones like We Are the Champions, if this fills your soul with joy. But please, stop breaking our "holy attributes" with selected citations, incomplete poll results and fake statistics. Thank you.
  • Lucyinthesky from Philadelphia, PaI forgot to mention that on Keno's Classic Rock site the fans voted John Lennon and Paul McCartney # 1 Greatest Rock Song Writers!
  • Lucyinthesky from Philadelphia, PaI also never liked Freddie Mercury's over the top singing and although he had a strong singing voice, and his voice was not terrible like Bruce Springsteen's,Tom Petty's are even Bob Dylan's his voice was not really beautiful sounding like John Lennon's which was the most beautiful unique male rock voice I have ever heard! Just listen to If I Fell,I'll Be Back,This Boy especially the middle part,Dear Prudence,Julia etc etc and so many great John rock vocals like The Beatles cover of Money,Rock and Roll Music,and of course Twist and Shout which he did amazingly in just one take and had a cold and shredded his vocal chords,and just to name a few of his own rockers like Come Together,Happiness is A Warm Gun,Revolution,etc etc and in his solo career too!

    Paul McCartney also always had a great sounding strong singing voice and a great love song and great rock voice with a great range, Sometimes going from the love song voice to the rock voice in the very same song! The All Music Guide says in their excellent biography of The Beatles that,"So much has been said and written about The Beatles and their story is so mythic in it's sweep that it's difficult to summarize their career without restating cliche's that have already been digested by 10's of millions of rock fans,to state the obvious,they were The Greatest and most influential act of the rock era and introcuced more innovations into popular music than any other rock band of the 20th century. Moreover,they were among the few artists of *any* discipline that were simultaneously the best at what they did and the most popular at what they did." Quite a few Bob Dylan fans were saying this very thing about The Beatles on a Bob Dylan fan site Expectingrain.com The All Music Guide also says as singers John Lennon and Paul McCartney were among the best and most expressive in rock!
  • Lucyinthesky from Philadelphia, PaI have never liked Queen and they are one of the *worst* groups of all time with such annoying songs like We Will Rock You,We Are The Champianions and Bohemian Rhapsody and it is truly mindboggling how they were ever so popular much less still popular! It's really scary! On Acclaimed Music.net which compiles many different rock music reviews from many different rock critics from decades,Queen is # 113 but The Beatles are rightfully at #1!

    The 1992 Rolling Stone Album Guide gives Queen a poor rating and review and only gave 5 of their albums 3 stars,all of their other albums they gave 2 stars and none 4 stars! They say Queen were theatrical overblown bombastic rock schlock that could only have happened in the 70's. THey also say that people should use caution when buying their albums because even their greatest hits sound dated!

    In every major poll that has been done of over 1,000 people ages 18 and older The Beatles Are Voted # 1 Greatest Rock Band of All Time! In the Gallup Poll,The Zogby Poll,The Mister Poll which had The Beatles vs Queen,The Virgin Records Poll,The BBC POll,and The VH1 poll etc. On an extensive music review site called,Digital Dramdoor.com which has some musicians posting on there,The Beatles are # 1 Greatest Rock Band,# 1 Greatest Rock Artists,and John and Paul are tied at # 1 Greatest Rock Song Writers out of over 100! Ringo Starr is # 47 Greatest Rock Drummers but Charlie Watts is # 53!George Harrison is # 54 out of 200 Greatest Rock Guitarists. Paul McCartney is # 8 Greatest Rock Bass Player out over 100 Bill Wynman is # 95! John and Paul are also on the Greatest Rock Singers list,and Paul McCartney is also # 17 out of 50 Greatest Rock Pianists,Greatest Rock Act of the 70's and Greatest Rock Live Acts.

    And on Rankopedia The Beatles are # 1 Best Rock Band,Best Innovative Band,Greatest Rock Artists,and John and Paul are tied once again at # 1 Greatest Rock Song Writers! Paul McCartney is # 5 Greatest Rock Bass Player,and George Harrison is # 22 out of 25 Best Rock Guitarists. 100's of people voted including from other countries. There is no sensible criticism to made of The Beatles either!

    A guy who runs a Rolling Stones and John Lennon fan site also runs Keno's Classic Rock Web site and he has top 10 lists and then what fans voted for next to them. He and the fans voted John Lennon # 1 Greatest Male Rock Singer,and he voted Paul # 7 and the fans voted Paul # 8. He voted Paul McCartney # 2 Greatest Rock Bass Player and Bill Wynman # 3. And he voted John and Paul # 2 Greatest Rock Song Writers after Bob Dylan at # 1 and Keith Richards and Mick Jagger at # 2. He and the fans also voted John Lennon # 8 Greatest Rock Harmonica players.
  • Ramon from Long Beach, CaWell I don't really know who this Paul Rodgers fella is. I've probably heard his stuff on the radio and didn't know it. But as far as Freddy Mercury goes, no doubt about it, one of the best voices I've heard. And "Somebody to Love," in my opinion, one of their greatest rock songs ever.
  • Jay from Columbia, MoOf course, Paul Rodgers is no Freddie Mercury. Freddie is the greatest rock singer of all time. List to something like "Who Wnats To Live Forever", or "Love Me Like Theres No Tomorrow" and try to deny it. In my opinion trying to keep the name Queen with a new singer and with John Deacon is a huge mistake. They can put out an album, whatever, but don't do it under the name Queen. If people Rodgers is as great as people think, then he should be able to make fame with a new band, instead of sucking it out of a rock classic that he has no place in.
  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlI'm not sure what to make of Queen with Paul Rodgers as a singer. It's not even close to Freddie. I like Paul, but he's not a singer for Queen...
  • 2morrow from Denver, CoJames I agree! I say yes to new material from Brian, Roger and Paul. As long as they forget about Queen, and do their OWN music would be wonderful.
  • James from Vancouver, CanadaBrian recently announced that he and Mr. Rodgers would be going into studio together: "Yes, strangely enough I talked to Paul last night, the one and only Paul Rodgers, and confirmed that we will be heading into the studio in October .... at a secret location ! There was an intent there for a while, but we have all been busy picking up our lives in different ways. I was perhaps a little forward in announcing our plans in that message ... but now it really looks as if we are on." (http://brianmay.com/whatsnew.html - page 2, underneath the planet stuff)

    This, I think, is excellent. Paul Rodgers is an excellent rocker but not only is he no Freddie Mercury, but Queen's style of music doesn't mesh well with Rodgers. Having May and Rodgers in studio, together, will likely produce music that is better for the two artists (probably heavier than the average Queen song, just speculation).

    Now, if they tour again as "Queen + Paul Rodgers" and play their new material, I'll dislike Paul even more.
  • James from Vancouver, CanadaWhile I think that Paul Rodgers is not even close to Freddie Mercury at all, I disagree with the "he's not a rock singer" sentiment - He is Paul Freaking Rodgers! "Feel Like Making Love", "All Right Now" - come on, classic rock anthems that Paulie's got his name on!
  • Jay from Columbia, MoI agree with James from Vancouver. Brian may not be able to project like Freddi,e but he has a great voice.
  • Jay from Columbia, MoI think it was cool that Queen got honored, but not alongside people like KISS. The Foo Fighters Tie Your Mother Down was ok. I think trying to reunite Queen was a horrible idea. Paul Rodgers doesnt do Freddie justice, as Freddie is the greatest rock singer of all time. I was embarassed to be watching Rodgers do a horrible rendition of Show Must Go On. He doesn't even sing like a rock musician, he turns Queen rock songs into stupid Justin Timberlake sounding crap. And without John too, they need to quit, unlesss they want to place a real singer into the reunion like Roger Daltry, but that would never happen. Anyway, R.I.P Freddie.
  • James from Vancouver, CanadaI loved the rock honors, but the way the band has gone is questionable at best. When I first heard Paul Rodgers singing, well, to be honest, I've only ever skipped past Bohemian Rhapsody once in my life, and, he was singing when I did. But, after some listening, I became a bit of a fan and stopped thinking of him as a FM replacement (which May and Taylor frequently pointed out he wasn't) and thought of him as just a singer, well, I liked him a bit more. But needless to say, he shouldn't be representing Queen like he has. The fact that John Deacon has stepped out (one of the most talented bass guitarists ever, and a handsome man in his own right) should make it clear to May and Taylor that they're stepping on some toes - to add, well, last I remembered, the bassist from BOC and a member from the May band, as well as some other clown to the mix is just disrespectful at best. Queen's been proud of a lot of things - for quite awhile it was of having no synthesizers (on many of the albums on one of the sleeves it usually says "No Synthesizers!"), and for even longer still it was not having an outside performer coming in to play drums / guitar / whatever (despite a few, a very few, exceptions - Inneuendo comes to mind) - now 2/3 of the band consists of "outside performers", while just May and Taylor are the original crew. It's kind of disgraceful, in one sense, but the demand to see the legendary Queen is just too much for them to resist, I suppose. But, digression aside, I feel that they should have pushed a little harder to get Deacon back in, or work something out or something! - the main point of this secondary digression is that they do not NEED Paul Rodgers! May is a very talented singer who, as I've previously noted, sells him self out short. If May sang lead vocals... well... I'd be impressed. Ditch Rodgers, get Deacon back, and keep that guy from BOC - let May sing.
  • Bob from Bobtown, CaQueen shouldnt have done the Rock Honors...
    I hate their replacement vocalist.
  • James from Vancouver, CanadaFigured to throw in my top five (these change all the time): 1. Bohemian Rhapsody (how could it not be?) 2. 39 / Too Much Love Will Kill You (go Brian May!) 3. Hammer to Fall 4. No One But You (first time I heard this song, I was near tears - honest to God) 5. Love of My Life (No one could sing this like Mercury). There isn't a Queen song I dislike (even songs like Breakthru) - except for the one exception, I feel, I'm In Love With My Car - I'm sorry, I don't dig it. By the by, Brian May is fairly easy to get into contact with if you visit his site (http://brianmay.com/) - I've sent him a few e-mails and gotten a few replies from him, not to say we've had any philosophical discussions or that he remembers me, but yeah, it's nice to be able to communicate with a legend like May.. just thinking about it. His experiences with Mercury and the rest of the band... the people he's met, the places he's seen - it's surreal.
  • James from Vancouver, CanadaAlthough Mercury announced it prior to '72, the band was unaware of it, and the band suffered in America due to, not only Freddie's personality and sexuality, but due to his and the band's appearance (more than once dressing in drag for a concert, and Mercury obviously changing his hairstyle and growing a moustache). But Freddie was a joker, often claiming at concerts that his guitar only knew how to play three chords, so many thought he was kidding when he said he was gay because of how gay he often seemed. Of course, Freddie hung out with high socialites and was often surrounded by beautiful women - they thought he was kidding, at best. Everyone in the world had their suspicions, and no one believed his claims (because "coming out" in the 70's wasn't a common thing, apparently). And to the statue, Mercury was the first English artist to be honoured with a statue, even if it isn't in England, and yes, there is a statue of Mercury at the University of London (visit it sometime), though it isn't the previously mentioned statue.

    And if Rock and Roll isn't the meaning of life, then, I'm living a wasted life along with thousands of others.
  • Jay from Columbia, MoJames you seem to know quite a bit about Queen so i have a question. I too am a HUGE Queen fan, but nothing seems to keep the story straight about Freddies sexuality. When did the world officialy know? After his death? Some sources say he was fairly open about it to the public but it doesnt seem so. When did his bandmates know? Maybe its creepy that I have that question lol, as I'm straight but I was curious about that.
  • James from Vancouver, CanadaI love Queen so much I have to say one more thing re: Freddie Mercury's sexuality.

    Let's face it. The guy liked loving, being loved, and making love. He didn't care with who, and that's how I rationalize it. He didn't care if it was a man or a woman - if he loved him/her and he/she loved him, no problem... maybe not true love, maybe just an intense sexual attraction, its no matter.
  • James from Vancouver, CanadaI also forgot to mention... am I the only one who finds it amazing how easily they manage to incorporate what can only be described as "hardcore guitar riffs" in nearly every single song? Look at lighthearted songs like "Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon" or "You're My Best Friend" - the guitar is impossible not to remember.

    There are a few tracks that don't feature the talented work of May, but they're few and far between. Every song has brilliant guitar work - it always stands out, and its never sub-par. It's hard to ignore, and for that, I say May is one of the greatest guitarists of all time, despite his underrated status.
  • James from Vancouver, CanadaFreddie didn't really say "one by one, only the good die young", as I recall, it's not only an old adage but a line used by MAY in of course, "No One But You", which I feel is one of the most powerful Queen songs written. May has a beautiful voice, almost on par with Mercury, and with Rogers and Taylor singing too, well, it's clear that this song is nothing but a labour of love.

    Freddie Mercury is easily one of the most amazing figures of Rock n' Roll and of Pop Culture of the 20th Century.

    I always have trouble saying "God Bless his soul" - even if it was tounge in cheek, I'm sure Freddie'd love to be in hell - think of all the interesting people he'd meet - but a man that great...

    Think about the awareness his death sparked for AIDS - think about the continued revenue his royaltees and his bandmates pour into AIDS/HIV research.

    God Bless his soul.
  • Janet from Dover, Nh I saw Queen in 1977 during their News of the World tour in Portland, ME. I was lucky enough to see one of rocks best front men and vocalists in his hey-day. Freddie was amazing and is missed sorely. The collaboration of the band members gave us great songs that will live for years to come. They were legendary and most deserved Hall of Fame inductees
  • Jay from Columbia, MoLennon/McCartney possesed a songwriting talent that can not be matched, but Freddie Mercury was a damn good lyricist and without a doubt the greatest rock singer to have ever graced the earth. Personally I believe he sounds the very best on songs such as Radio Ga Ga, It's A Hard Life, The Prophet's Song, Who Wants To Live Forever, You Take My Breath Away and of course Bohemian Rhapsody. Responding to previous questions, I believe after reading and watching various things, that Brian and John did more work on the synthesizers than Freddie who mainly stuck with piano. I'm almost positive that it's Brian on Radio Ga Ga. Brian is very underrated as he is alos one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Some very nice guitar work can be found on The Invisible Man, I Want It All, and Don't Stop Me Now. Top 5 Queen picks, not in order; 1. Radio Ga Ga 2.Spread Your Wings 3.Don't Stop Me Now 4.You And I 5.Brighton Rock-Tie Your Mother Down Another thing, I believe that Freddies sexuality should not influence peoples thoughts on his music, or him as person. What matters was his music, and his sexuality is really no ones buisness but his own. He was still an amazing musician deserves just as much respect as the likes of John Lennon or Paul McCartney. R.I.P. Freddie.
  • Flo from London, EnglandRoger Taylor's Hits - A Kind Of Magic, Radio GaGa, I'm in Love With My Car, Sheer Heart Attack, These are the Days of Our Lives
  • Caitlyn from Jacksonville, FlMy Top 5 Queen: 5. Crazy Little Thing Called Love, 4. Under Pressure, 3. Somebody To Love, 2. Bohemian Rhapsody, 1. Death on Two Legs
  • Amy from Dallas, TxWell said: Freddie, Orlando, FL
    I forgot about those interviews..but of course now i remember ;)
  • Srini from Anaheim, CaWhat if he was gay? what if he was bisexual? He was probably one of the most fantastic rockers of all times. The world will probably never see a rocker of the calliber of Freddie. Give up guys, he was the best and will be a legend. As he said "One by one, only the good die young..."
  • Sarah from Fort Atkinson, Wihey Tom, Taylor wrote A Kind of Magic :)
  • Slam from Hollywood, FlHey, to GWILLYKERS.

    About Brian May playing with Dropped D tuning in 1976!... Jimmy Page was doing it way before... just listen to Moby Dick which came out in 1969!!!
  • Tom from Dosen't Matter, CtWhat was Roger Taylor's hit?
  • Rick from Humboldt, Ia5. Death On Two Legs
    4. Headlong
    3. Tie Your Mother Down
    2. Hammer To Fall
    1. Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cathanks i was wondering. okay heres my top five queen: 5. headlong 4. tie your mother down 3. show must go on 2. innuendo and number 1. bohemian rhapsody!
  • Ricardo from Great Falls, MtI've been reading through these comments and it is true: Freddie Mercury was Bisexual. Brian May and Roger Taylor said it wasn't until the Jazz Tour of 79' when they noticed anything different about him. They assumed he was straight. Roger even said that Freddie had many fabulous looking girlfriends. He also dated German supermodel, Barbara Valentine in the early eighties. I guess they used to pick up gay cowboys and have threesomes. Oh, and Mary Austin is the love of his life. I remember seeing an interview where he said Mary Austin is the only person he ever loved.
  • Claudia from Sidcup, United StatesMontserrat Caballe is the one that sings with Freddie,Barcelona...
  • Ben from Nyc, Mssome woman who was reasonable famous in spain. Mercury thought she was the best female singer ever
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cadoes anyone know who sings the high opera part in barcelona? just wondering.
  • Cari from Knebworth, EnglandMohummed, Princeton, NJ - those were not Freddie's last words, he apparently said something about looking after his cats. He had a multitude of them at his home in Logan Place London and he adored them all. He didn't die in the morning of the 24th either, as the fact above states, he died late that eveing with it being announced on the midnight news report - I remember, I heard it........ :(
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaQueen is a really good band. I like their music. It's cool.
  • Mike from San Pedro, Cai saw a list of the top 100 rock vocalist. freddy mercury was #1 and robert plant #2. usually i flip out when anyone from zeppelin is not #1 but i would have to say i agree. freddy was an amazing voclist and even though i like zeppelin 4 times more. i just think freddy was a stronger vocalist. not to demote plant or anything he definaltye deserves his two
  • Gwillykers from Redding, CaHey all! I remember as a kid hearing "We Will Rock You" on AM radio while driving with my parents. From the backseat all my attention was immediately drawn toward that one dashboard speaker and the mysterious intensity of what it was revealing. Did not know what it was. My young mind just knew it was heavy, and that it was something good. Later found out it was Queen and the quest to hear more and learn more progressed from there. Legendary genius musicians without question. Brian May is one of the most brilliant guitarists to ever come along and it is his contribution to this band that I find most appealing. Pure genius - harmonies, solos, tones, and songwriting. Favorite album for me is "A Day at the Races". OMG peeps get it. Play it. Hear it. Dont agree? Play it again coz yer wrong! - - Check out the song "White Man" and its Dropped-D guitar tuning (later used by Eddie Van Halen, Alice In Chains, ect...) May was doing this in 1976! Ok, that's my ramble! Thanks!
  • Jake from Newport, NhSomeone said Brian May wrote most of the songs. Maybe so, but not too much more.

    As Freddie said "Brian writes more songs, but I write more hits"... as in, Brian May might write a lot of songs, but Freddie's usually become hits. In the early days, Brian and Freddie wrote an equal amount. Didn't the album 'Queen' have more Freddie than Brian? And Freddie wrote the most on 'The Miracle' (Songs: Khashoggi's Ship, The Miracle, Rain Must Fall, Was It All Worth It, half or most of My Baby Does Me, some of Party, and a bit of Breakthru. On the 'Innuendo' albums, Freddie wrote most as well. (Songs: Innuendo, I'm Going Slightly Mad, Don't Try So Hard, All God's People, Delilah, The Hitman, lyrics and keyboards to Bijou, and bits of The Show Must Go On)

  • Richie from Philidelphia, PaMost amazing band ever. Cheers.
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cai like mercury's voice everyone can match his notes and everything...they just can't sing like him.
  • David from Torornto, CanadaIf I remember correctly, they actually used a fifth musician on a couple of tours in the 80's. I seem to remember being at a concert in London where they had an a keyboardist who was never introduced to the audience. But I am almost %100 sure that they used Fred Mandel (from Supertramp) on at least one tour to avoid using tapes as some of their later albums relied heavily on synthesizers.


  • Mike from Winnipeg, CanadaI am also sick or Gay vs. Bi. But it would be nice to know and I think that is all people want. Anyway about the greatest no one can be the greatest. Also I like how no one mentioned Rolling Stones as one of the greatest personally. I think they are over rated. I would say Queen is one of the greatest but no one can be the greatest. Maybe the most liked. But they can't ask every single person in the world. And then you would ahve to make sure that it was in their opion and that they heard all of their songs ect....

    But Queen is deffinatly one of the best!!!
  • Sandra Donaghy from Augusta, Mewish i had never listened to Queens greatestt hits 11. i now can not find, any artist to compare to Mercurys' works... it sucks when you star is dead.
  • Jen from San Diego, CaAfter reading a lot of these comments, I must say it really doesn't matter whether Freddie was bi or gay--c'mon now folks, you're missing the whole point of this..let's focus more on the music..It is my opinion that yes, Mary was the love of his life in many ways..I think he had major problems in his love life with men because there were not many men he could trust..Freddie I feel, was extremely vulnerable emotionally to men but he loved Mary in perhaps different ways and totally could trust her...just by his most sensitive musical pieces you can tell just how much he gave of himself to unworthy dudes who took advantage of his big heart..his pain is apparent..
  • Jen from San Diego, CaAt the tender age of 10 I fell in love with Queen's music,.and boy did I get razzed at school about it! Homophobic jerks.. Yeah like the tripe my friends were listening to was so deep(Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garret...VOMIT) got two r&r albums for Xmas that year when I was 10 yrs old..Led Z.'s album with stairway to heaven and a night at the opera..I don't think I played that Zep album at all..the next 4 years I devoted my ears solely to Queen..I had SUCH a crush on Brian..Freddie was a genius songwriter..You Take My Breath Away and Millionaire's Waltz showed Freddie's vulnerable side making my heart swoon(sigh...)my fave Queen song is My Fairy King..their first 3 albums are the best..I liked it when Freddie wrote off the wall stuff like Fairy Feller's Master's Stroke and March of the Black Queen..I started to lose interest in their music after the Game..I saw them twice in concert..once at 14('80) and again at 16('82..yes Freddie was indeed GAY all the way..I felt his pain of just wanting to be loved for himself..as a gay woman myself, I understand the b.s. us gay people go through..Anyway I love you Freddie and Miss You! You're one of my all-time favorite Druid~Dudes!
  • Freddie from Orlando, Flwell, then: Queen were the best band in the entire world. They were AMAZINGLY talented and made the best most incredible music ive ever heard. They were unbelievable musicans,and amazing friends. They were good people. There is absoluetly nothing not to love in them.
  • James from Windsor, CaQueen will always be a stellar example of a band in a class of their own.
  • Joe from Swindon, EnglandI saw Queen + Paul Rogers Live in Hyde Park (London) on the 15th July, The atmosphere was great and the show was fantastic. During the first segment of Bohemian Rhapsody, there was a massive screen in the middle of the stage which was showing footage of Freddie Mercury performing the song live and in the last part Paul Rogers took over on vocal duties, as the screen was constantly showing Deacon and Mercury, I felt in some way as if they were really there, and therefore it was right for May and Taylor to use the name "Queen"
  • Efrain from Brawley, CaQueen's last tour was the A Kind Of Magic tour and theyre last performence together was at Knebworth Park
  • Mohammed from Princeton, NjMercury's last dying words were:

    " My life was pointless. I did nothing of any use in my life. My friends only existed to take my money. I have acomplished nothing in my life"

    I pray that God almighty bestoys his mercy on him. I wish he realized earlier that rock and roll is NOT the meaning to life.
  • Danny from Sydney, Australiafreddy mercury is the greatest rock singer ever
  • Eric from East Hartford, CtFreddy Mercury is also a character in the popular anime/manga, Cromartie High. The character is definetely portrayed as Queens Freddy Mercury.
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlNonsence about a female partner?? wow. You need to know facts before dismissing "probably" as truth. Mary Austin was REALLY one of the biggest romantic reationships Fred ever had.... and i dont get why you have to deny it. I mean, I would not care if he was Gay. But... he was Bi. Cuz... he was. He left her his entire fortune. SHes living in his house with her kids and husband right now. He described her as the Love of his life. You can like, read this if you really care or something: http://www.freddie.ru/e/archives/ok/

    alrightyroo. Freddie had other girl partners by the way, too. Why would a arecord company make up some whole thing so that people would think someone was Bi instead oif gay? is gay.... worse or something? what? anyway. He was bisexual.
  • Bigdick from Miami, NyFreddie was gay, he was great, but gay.
    That whole nonesense about his female partner was probably a result of some recoed company exec worried about homosexuality.
  • Justine from Fond Du Lac, WiWhen I first heard Queen, I loved them immediately. I knew that they were a great band, and love their songs. I look at their lyrics and laugh, but the beats are good which is always good in songs. I will listen to Queen forever and even did a report to learn more about them at school. QUEEN ROCKS!!!!
  • Kiah from Seattle, WaFreddie Mercury is problably the artist/songwriter that i respect most. he dies 3 days after i was born.
  • Jared from North Bend, WaQueen is the best band of all time,and all of them could write songs. thats a lot more than u could say about other bands. i think they inspired a lot of other bands to make better songs
  • Chris from Frederick, MdWho manned the synths from 80 on? The videos often show Freddie playing piano, but show Deacon playing synthesizers. Were the videos accurate or were they just that-- performance videos?
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlWhy is there all the confusion of wheather Freddie was gay or bi? He was Bi. I promise. oh, but dont take it from me, darlings, no! take it from the good man himself!
    "All my lovers asked me why they couldn't replace Mary (Austin) but it's simply impossible. The only friend I've got is Mary and I don't wnat anybody else. To me, she was my common-law wife. To me, it was a marriage. We believe in eachother, thats enough for me. I couldn't fall in love with a man the same way as I have with Mary." -Freddie Mercury
    also, "I've had more lovers than Liz Taylor- both male and female- but my affairs never seem to last."
    I promise that he was bi. I promise.
  • Sdfsdf from U.s., Il"Have to be the most popular band in the world ever, even more so than The Beatles or Led Zeppelin" that's a stretch...ask anyone, the Beatles' popularity was astounding and still is today, Queen is popular but will never be as popular as the Beatles
  • Terry from Barcelona, SpainWeird feeling to see the ads: Paul Rodgers with Queen... when it's rather Paul Rodgers with Brian May and Roger Taylor. With all due respect to both of them, Queen cannot be without Freddie Mercury nor Deacon. Queen was the four of them, at least that's how I see it.
  • Tamir from Haifa, Israelqueen rocks! its an exelent band!
  • Kevin from Danbury, CtFreddie Mercury was in fact bisexual, yes he spent the last 6 years of his life with Jim Hutton, but his true soulmate was his ex girlfriend Mary Austin, whom he spent much of his time with. He even bought her hotel rooms so she can be there with him when they go on tour. She is now the owner of his Georgian manor, whom he bequated it to.
  • Alexa from Bucharest, RomaniaReply to Domas: I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Freddie Mercury was GAY, not bisexual. And he had a life partner: Jim Hutton... trust me, I'm a devoted Queen fan, I know what I'm talking. I've had enough of all this homophobia, damn it!
  • GastÃ?n from Mar Del Plata, ArgentinaIt is said that May wrote most of the songs, but was Mercury and May (in that order) who created most of the Queen's songs.
  • Ray from Portland, RiRe: In the classic "Night at the Opera", Death On Two Legs was about music industry executives. The song '39 was actually about time travel, although it is true that it is also the 39th Queen song if you count from the first song on the first album.
  • Lisa from Ocala, Flqueens songs are immortal. no matter who you are youve at least listened to one of their songs and loved it whether you relize it or not..... bohemian rhapsody was the first song i ever heard form them when i was like, 5........
  • Filip from Nova Gradika, CroatiaYou've made a mistake. Brian May studied Math and Physics at Imperial College in London. He later started studying astronomy but quit in order to join the band. He wrote up PhD in Infra-Red Astronomy but never submitted. He's still very interested in astronomy, however, and appears on "Sky at Night" to discuss current issues.
  • Kevin from Bridgeport, CtFreddie Mercury was bisexual. The one thing that kept him from having a life partner was this complicated strong bond with Mary Austin. They both lived together in the 1970s until Freddie came out to her. But Freddie never loved anybody the same again. Jim Hutton was his final lover, who stayed with him to the very end.
  • Kevin from Bridgeport, CtPaul Rodgers is not the new singer of Queen. Brian and Roger have no intention of replacing the irreplacible Freddie Merucry. Paul Rodgers will just be featurd at the tour.

    John Deacon the Queen bass player, has retired, and hasn't participated in anything Brian May and Roger Taylor have been doing since 1998, but he has been invited to the tour. Its very doubtful he will accept this rare invitation.
  • Erlend from Baerum, Laqueen is the best band ever. i have all their cd's from the 70's
  • Bulldog from Goldsboro, NcMr. Mercury is not the first rock star to have a statue in England. There is a Beatles statue on Cavern Walks in Liverpool and also a Lennon statue on Matthew St. - And... The Freddy Mercury statue is in Montreaux, not London.
  • Kate from Ottawa, CanadaOnce Bohemian Rhapsody picks up it's the greatest head bobbing song ever made.
  • Will from Portland, OrFreddie Mercury is the best frontman of all time! He was just so crazy and such a good singer.
  • Mike from Berkeley, CaQueen, although not my favorite group; had an undeniably great career. Everybody's music is different. I don't think you can really call anyone "the Greatest" because it's art and everyone's TRYING to do something different. If my taste is more toward retro or blues rock, then I'm not going to be listening to groups like Queen that much....however,their songwriting alone makes them one of the alltime greatest. People will still be listening to "We Are The Champions" and "We Will Rock You" probably long after I'm dead.
  • Freddie from New York, NyQueen is my favorite band. My fav songs are another 1 bites the dust and bohemian raphsody.
  • Ed from Victoria, CanadaI'm gonna have to agree with tom on the homophobic part...but not with the greatest band of all time part...they were great and amazing and no...you couldnt thinkof a single critisism for them...BUT...better than the beatles and led zeppelin? I'd say not...although the beatles have TONNES of rumors and bad reps going on for them...the fact still stands that they changed rock and roll as we know it...with the help of elvis...led zeppelin on the other hand...I think they're overrated...sure they made arguably the most famouse song in the world and a few other hits, but thats nothing ocmpared to the beatles...can any other band say they made over 30 singles in the span of 5 years...pretty amazing if you ask me...if you want to respond to this then just email me at applejacks_4me@hotmail.com . I probably wont check this forum for a while
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandHave to be the most popular band in the world ever, even more so than The Beatles or Led Zeppelin, because there is not one single criticism that anyone can make about Queen. If you think it matters that Freddie Mercury was gay then you're just shallow, homophobic, ignorant and stupid.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandQueen: Rock on! I think that sums it all up really!
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandThey also did the soundtrack for Highlander, which included the hits,'Kind of Magic' and 'Who Wanrs to live Forever'.
  • Janet from Perth, AustraliaOne of the best bands of all time - Freddie Mercury was not only a great singer/songwriter but a fantastic entertainer as well. Brian May has to be one of the best guitarists ever, along with Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck.
  • Sharon from Warrington, PaDeacon has basically disowned his bandmates. He has retired, and is no longer in the "biz".
  • Dogg from Phoenixville, PaKurt Cobain mentioned Freddie Mercury in his suicide note...saying the roar of the crowds at shows "doesn't affect me the way in which it did for Freddy Mercury, who seemed to love, relish in the love and adoration from the crowd,which is something I totally admire and envy."
  • Dogg from Phoenixville, PaFreddie Mercury helped to write and perform "Barcelona", the theme song for the 1992 Summer Olympics.
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