A Kind Of Magic

Album: A Kind Of Magic (1985)
Charted: 3 42


  • Roger Taylor wrote the melody and chords of this song for the Highlander film, then Freddie Mercury wrote a new bass line, added some instrumental spacers, changed the order and produced a new mix with David Richards. Taylor was reportedly very annoyed that Mercury had almost completely re-written the song behind his back (reportedly whilst he was on holiday!), so perhaps that explains why the song was still credited only to Taylor. Roger's version is at the end of the film; Freddie's version is on the album.

    Not only was this song used in the Highlander film, but 2/3rds of the songs from A Kind Of Magic appear as well, making it the unofficial soundtrack of the film. >>
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  • At the Highlander film's climax, when MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) leaves Rachel (Sheila Gish), his parting words are, "Hey, it's a kind of magic." The phrase "A kind of magic" was the starting point for Roger Taylor to write this song. Other references to the film in the lyrics include "One prize, one goal" and "No mortal man."
  • The album A Kind of Magic is Queen's twelfth studio album but the first to include a title track.
  • This was a big song on Queen's 1986 Magic tour, which was their last with the original members, since Freddie Mercury would be diagnosed with AIDS the following year and was too sick to tour after that.

    Roger Taylor noted in the Days of our Lives documentary that "you just got a sense that he (Mercury) felt that he would not be able to do any more shows," which raises the question of whether Mercury had already been diagnosed with AIDS in 1986 but chose to make the Magic tour his final live shows. This was also the tour where Mercury wore his white slacks and yellow jacket combo, which has since become his signature get-up. >>
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  • The album was also the first by Queen to be digitally recorded.
  • Not many fans even note this, but all four original members wrote songs for the band, obeying their own self-stated "no passengers" policy. Freddie Mercury did most of their ballads and experimental, innovative pieces ("Love Of My Life," "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Killer Queen"), Brian May did the guitar-hooked hard-rock numbers, ("Tie Your Mother Down," "We Will Rock You"), Roger Taylor wrote classic-style rock ("I'm In Love With My Car," "Radio Ga Ga"), and John Deacon was more into the soul and funk style ("Another One Bites The Dust"). Additionally, all four styles blended when the band members collaborated.
  • For the un-fans, Highlander kicked off a fantasy series with the basic premise: There are these Immortals, see, but they can be killed only by being beheaded, and the executioner to do so becomes the new Immortal - and hence the next target for the next challenger. Some have called it "Interview with the Vampire for men." That's really all there is to this, along with some Scottish mythology. The franchise has since been mired in squabbling versions, sequels, spin-offs, and interpretations all conflicting with each other, rather like the Batman franchise.
  • This song has remained a live favorite, often with Roger Taylor handling lead vocals (as he did on the Queen+Adam Lambert tour).

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  • Luca from NewportI always wondered where the music video was filmed as it look like some old opera house in Dorset
  • Susan from Illinois This is my favorite Queen song. Every time I hear it Freddie’s vocals give me goose bumps! His vocals are amazingly beautiful here.
  • Kevin T from UkThe description of Highlander isn’t quite right. There is a race of immortals who can only be killed by beheading but you don’t “become the new immortal” by beheading one of them. The immortals themselves are the only ones doing the beheading. It is their fate to come together at a time called the Gathering and fight to the last immortal, who wins The Prize. It’s a bit like the presidential race. Anyway it’s one of the most fun films of its era and the Queen songs are great.
  • Steve from Hockessin, , DeBrian's guitar solos in this song are excellent! Nice jazzy runs not normally associated with his style of playing. They are the anchor to this song.
  • Nikita from Drogheda, IrelandOne of the best songs ever. Queen was an absolute genius! It certainly was 'A Kind Of Magic'
  • Niles from Belpre, Oha really great song
    The Blue Angels used it as their opening of one of their documentary films
    it fits perfectly
  • Matt from All Over The Shop, --there's a whole bunch of queen songs i never realised were by the same group let alone queen (my folks only had greatest hits 1 so i thought that's all they'd done). i was gobsmacked when i found out this was one of their's! catchy pop.
  • Anna from Ann Arbor, MiThis is a wonderful song!
    One of the first that I loved before I discovered my Queen obsession!
  • Valerie from Eureka, CaHey jonathan in Claremont CA, You posted that the song It's A Kind Of Magic relate to the movie the Highlander...if you research further you will discover that Queen did the music score for Highlander.
    Yes, Queen was a magic band! They could do anything and do it well!
    Valerie, California
  • Daniel from Springfield, MaI love Queen, but this little ditty seems reminiscent of Elevator Music. It stands as a testament as to why Roger Taylor never penned any hits until '84, although "Tenement Funster", "Drowse", and "Fight From the Inside" are awesome, if not entirely marketable.
  • Dino from Larissa, Greecehahaha...it's magic!
  • Dino from Larissa, Greecethe bass line are pure magic.....queen have done whatever they liked with their songs....aren't they real magicians:P....stick around!
  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlIt's a catchy, fun song. It's lyrics are related to the Highlander film, and it also has ties to "One Vision"...
  • Marlies from Epe, NetherlandsI really like this song! It's just a great lyrics and music. I like other songs from Queen too, but this one has something special.
  • Melissa from Cologne, GermanyI like this song really ,too!!
    And my mom is a crazy fan of Queen and Freddy..
  • Alpheous from Gaia, PortugalGreat song.reminds be always of NBA =) it's a kind of magic....it's a king of magiiiiiic. Aking of magic.
    More words for what? It's Queen.
  • Billy from Boston, MaI Like Queen, but this song reminds me of a shmaultzy Mcdonald's commercial. I'm sticking with listening to Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Andy from Hamilton, CanadaI like the song but the video was a little weerd...its not bad...i just didnt understand it
  • Dave from London, EnglandMel, how can you say that, Highlander was a great film although I think the best song from the soundtrack was "Who Want's To Live Forever" (and the vidoe to that brought tears to my eyes)
  • Jake from Newport, NhNot many comments? Wow! This is a great song. I love this track, especially the Highlander version, as it features a different Queen recording of it.
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaThis is a really good song! The video is awesome aswell! With this kind of result, Freddie and Roger work quite well with eachother.
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