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  • This song was the result of a one-hour session between pianist Freddie Mercury and guitarist Brian May. Mercury wrote most of the song, being responsible for the title, the lyrics and the orchestral parts (done on keyboards). The guitar lines were written by both of them and influenced by Jeff Beck.
  • Freddie and Brian decided to make the song "inside-out," in the sense that it was instrumental in the parts verses would normally be, and it would have vocals in the section where guitar solos generally go. This could have been influenced by Pink Floyd. Mercury's driver confirmed that Freddie listened a lot of their music while he was in the car, and some of their pieces ("In The Flesh," "Is There Anybody Out There?") include the same structure. >>
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    sebas - Tokyo, Japan, for above 2
  • There is just a short section of lyrics in this track, which appear 1:22 into the song. In this brief stanza, Mercury sings about spending eternity together with his Bijou.
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  • Leon from PerthAnd I didn't follow them as much when I lived in the UK, had a gay temperament to it. But maybe we get older and you just can't stop quality, at any price, please don't slate me for being a one woman man. Each to his own, an all. My eyes were opened, and boy, did Adam Lambert do it justice, i would peck him on the cheek, he was so good. LD
  • Leon from PerthKnowing the personalities as we do, this is obviously written by Brian, hence mostly guitar, and courteously including Freddie for the few lyrics, which Freddie would have done countless times, (and Lennon and McCartney) which are from Freddie to Brian (and maybe the band). Love as a mate to a mate, nothing more. I like it and it works for me and the wonderful wife. Shame not more lyrics to see where they were at that stage?
    I welcome comments, coz i love this little dittti. LD
    BTW, he held the Spanish song as his most memorable and not this one, but each to his own, he loved the way she sang, she certainly made him give his A game. You all need to hear Under Pressure, Bowie and Mercury, no music, just lyrics! Wow, David, almost happy to ride shotgun, deep resonating sound, better than most know, then the second falsetto by Fred. Follow that!
  • Matina from GreeceThe best song from the best singer ever... I love Freddie!
  • Matt from All Over The Shop, --short and sweet: bijou
  • Joe from , MoFreddie didn't have a cat named Bijou.
  • Jose from Brisbane, AustraliaYou are both right about Bijou and Delilah both were names of his cats, he had a few cats over the years...
  • Dino from Larissa, Greecelike to two lovers....
  • Beau from Phoenix, AzActually, it was Delilah.
  • Stephan from Moedling, AustriaBijou was the name of Freddie's cat.
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