Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Album: The Game (1979)
Charted: 2 1
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  • Freddie Mercury wrote this while Queen were recording The Game in Germany. He wrote it while taking a bubble bath in his room at the Munich Hilton. Peter Hince, the head of Queen's road crew, recalled to Mojo magazine September 2009: "The idea for the song came to him while he was in the bath. He emerged, wrapped in a towel, I handed him the guitar and he worked out the chords there and then. Fred had this knack of knowing a great pop song."

    Freddie acknowledged that perhaps his limited talent on the guitar helped shape the song: "'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' took me five or ten minutes. I did that on the guitar, which I can't play for nuts, and in one way it was quite a good thing because I was restricted, knowing only a few chords. It's a good discipline because I simply had to write within a small framework. I couldn't work through too many chords and because of that restriction I wrote a good song, I think."
  • This sounded a lot more like Elvis Presley than Queen. It was a different sound for the group, but their fans loved it.
  • This was the first song on which Freddie Mercury played rhythm guitar. He was keen to keep the song minimal, despite his limited guitar knowledge, and producer Mack claimed that he rushed into the studio to record it "before Brian could get there!"

    He also played the guitar solo on the original recording, but the tapes were lost so Brian May played the solo instead, using a Fender Telecaster to achieve the period sound. May didn't seem to like playing another guitar, and even when playing live, after performing the solo on the Telecaster he would immediately switch back to his Red Special.
  • At first, this was not released in the US. Since the album was not out yet, radio stations there started playing import copies of the single. This led Queen's record company to release it in America, about 3 months after it came out in England.
  • Mercury's name is in the lyrics. He sings, "Are you ready," and the band sings, "Ready Freddie."

    This section took on a poignant edge after Mercury's death when the song was performed with guest singers, as the lyric was never altered regardless of the vocalist. Fans would take this opportunity to bellow the 'Ready, Freddie!' lyric back at the band in remembrance of the singer.
  • On stage, this was an important part of the show. Brian May often used three different guitars during the song: the first verse was played by Freddie alone with his guitar, then Brian joined with another Ovation Acoustic; before the third verse he had already switched to a Telecaster on which he performed the solo. During the singalong part (famous for its "ready Freddie" line) Brian again changed instruments to his homemade Red Special. From 1984 onwards Mercury replaced the acoustic with another Telecaster.
  • The single was very successful for the band, hitting #2 in the UK and becoming their first US #1 hit, There's an unconfirmed legend (commented on by Roger Taylor on the radio show In The Studio, and by Brian May on his website) that declares John Lennon was inspired by this song to go back to the music business. Whether it's true or false is still unknown, but it is a fact that Lennon listened to Queen and he did try new influences on his Double Fantasy album. >>
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  • Josh Kelley recorded this for the 2005 Queen tribute album Killer Queen. >>
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  • Romeo from BulgariaThe intro is very similar to Crosby,Stills,Nash and Young - Carry On (1970)
  • Bridget from CoInteresting video, great song.
  • Les from UkFreddie wrote this as a tribute to Elvis. There is a version on You Tube that says it is sung by Elvis, but Elvis was dead when this was written, the singer is an Elvis impersonator.
  • Scott from UsaThis song even though it was a throwback when it came out foreshadows the rockabilly revival that would come in the 80's with Brian setter and the stray cats.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn September 25th 1982, Queen performed "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" on the NBC-TV program 'Saturday Night Live'...
    Three years earlier on December 16th, 1979 it entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #58; and on February 17th, 1980 it peaked at #1 {for 4 weeks} and spent 22 weeks on the Top 100...
    It prevented to two records from becoming #1; "Yes, I’m Ready" by Teri DeSario with K.C. and "Longer" by Dan Fogelberg, both records peaked at #2...
    On February 25th, 1980 it also reached #1 {for 2 weeks} on the Australian RPM 100 Singles chart {the record it replaced at #1 was "Please Don't Go" by K.C. and the Sunshine Band}...
    R.I.P. Freddie Mercury, born Farrokh Bulsara, {1946 - 1991} and Dan Fogelberg {1951 - 2007}.
  • Kimberly from Landing, NjCrazy, i dont believe so , if there was no love there would be war .
  • Cathy from Boston, MaFreddie himself said several times that he wrote this song in the bath. His longtime roadie Peter (Ratty) Hince, confirms this story as he was there in the hotel room in Germany when Freddie came out of the bath and asked for a guitar to finish working out the melody. According to Hince, the two of them then raced over to Musicland Studios so Freddie could get it down before he lost it. Freddie purposely does an "Elvis impression" here, and to this day, some people think it is Elvis singing. It was Roger Taylor's job to scream "Ready Freddie!" during the second verse, and he still does so when he plays the song (with May) today.
  • Chloe from St. Louis, MoI always laugh at the "READY FREDDIE!" part, I don't know why.
  • John from Nashville, TnCountry artist Dwight Yokam and r&b diva Diana Ross covered this song.
  • Ryan from Eaton, InOne of the best intros Freddie ever did for this song was in '84.... "Back in '79, I only knew 3 chords on guitar. Now, 5 years later....I only know 2 chords on guitar."

    For the record, Freddie actually did know a lot more guitar, though...according to 'As It Began' (the official biography of the band), when the band all shared a flat in the early days, Freddie used to walk around, strumming "Pinball Wizard" while everyone else was trying to sleep.
  • Vickeybird from Pune, -And the walking bass lines which really swings it. One of the best in the entire Queen collection IMHO.
  • Vickeybird from Pune, -I feel you guys have totally missed out the lovely solo and the awsome tone Brian got here.
  • Nikki from Perth, AustraliaFreddie wrote this song while in the bath.
  • F Unit from Dapto, Australiacarpyy is a poohead
  • Ched - from La Union, PhilippinesG R E A T song
  • Andrew from Birmingham, United StatesYeah, I must agree. This sounds like a Golden Oldie. Matt mentioned it's an Elvis Presley song. I wouldn't know if Elvis ever previously had a version of this one, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did. In this song, Queen sounds like Elvis's low range and the Beatles' high range.
  • Matthew from Milford, MaHEY! This is an Elvis Presley song...
  • Rachel from Cleveland, AlAwesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nk from Novi, MiCool song. Isn't it. Kind of shows you the vocal abilities of the Emperor of Rock. No offense to Elvis, but he'd never be able to match up with Freddie's range.
  • Stefano from Rome, ItalyFreddie also played rhythm guitar on stage when Queen played this song. Sometimes he introduced the song in such a way: «This f***ing guitar only knows these three chords».
  • Zac from Sydney, AustraliaThis is an absolutely mad song. i agree that it's obviously a heaps different sound to the usual queen we get.. (personally i like play the game, we are the champions, ballad part of bohemiain rhapsody sound better) but it's EXCELLENT. i can play the bass part on my keyboard with a shuffle drum beat going... AWESOME
  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlIt's a lot of fun. I enjoyed the performance video from Live Aid 1985, too. Robert Plant combined this with the song "Thank You" at the Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScThis song reminds me of rockabilly music in general. For those of you who don't know rockbilly music is the kind of rock that was recorded by people such as Elvis Pressley, Jerry Lewis, Carl Perkins, and also Johnny Cash early in his career. i can see why people think it's Elvis though. It's sounds like a 1950's rock n roll song.
  • Alan from Grande Prairie, Alberta, CanadaThis song is Queen's tribute to "all" their early influences not just Elvis. You have got to remember Elvis never went to England to perform. Bill Hailey was followed by Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, etc. The English wave of '64 and on were not only influenced by Elvis a "no show" but rock acts they could actually go and see. Way to much credit given Elvis and his so called influence on British Rock.
  • Sean from Toronto, CanadaThis song was performed by 2006 "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks during "Queen Week".
  • Winston from Potomac, MdWhoops, scratch that... I meant drinks with Deacon and Taylor... May almost didn't make it to the recording session because it was so prompt.
  • Winston from Potomac, MdMy dad asked me the same thing in the car once. He said, "Isn't this an Elvis song?" "Nope, Freddie Mercury wrote it under Elvis' style." And, I agree... I don't think he wrote this in a bath. He did write it on tour in Germany, but I think it was over drinks with May and Taylor. They recorded it tipsy, and it took 'em half an hour, I think.
  • Daryn from Coquitlam, CanadaAnother song i LOVE!!! Freddie kicks ass! He really did sound like elvis in this track! haha
  • Zach from Hershey, PaYeah Freddie wrote this song not Elvis. Do not believe things you see in Kazaa because those people never really listen to the music and just give it a title and artist. Love is certainly a crazy thing.
  • Katie from Somewhere, NjA band called The 88 just performed a cover of this song on the talk show "Last Call with Carson Daly."
  • Katie from Somewhere, NjFor whoever thinks there's a version of Elvis singing this, it's probably really Dwight Yoakam. There are a lot of songs with the wrong artist floating around the internet... like how every single spoof song ever made is attributed to Weird Al Yankovic when a lot of them are obviously not his voice.
  • Anitra from Greenville, ScTwenty-six years ago today (February 23rd, 1980), "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by Queen hit Number One on the pop chart, where it stayed for four weeks.
  • Amy from Dallas, Tx>why are you people mentioning Freddies ass?

    Because Freddies ass in this video is amazing! Ah..
  • Nathan from L-burg, KyI think this song was really a tribute to Elvis Presley because it sounds like Elvis and it was made the year after Elvis died (1978)
  • Matthew from East Brunswick, NjGreat stuff! Queen on fire!
  • Don from Newmarket, CanadaThis song also covered by Michael Buble.
  • Ace from Kingston , CanadaI just want to point out two things that are wrong wiht the information above,
    1 - Freddie didnt write this song in the bath in Germany, he wrote Bicycle in the bath
    2 - The lyrics are " Untill Im Ready" not "Are you ready"
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cathis song is fun to sing.
  • Bryan from Melbourne, Fl(why are you people mentioning Freddies ass?) Sings: This thing (this thing) called love (called love)...
  • Amy from Dallas, TxAhh! a sexy beast. Even if its been 12 years or so..'I Still Love You'
  • Jake from Newport, NhIn reply to LEON who says he downloaded Elvis singing this song.

    Wrong. Freddie Mercury wrote this track. Freddie was inspired to write this by his idol, Elvis, and also by Grease (the film)
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FREDDIES SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaLOL, you're telling ME!!! I don't want to be crude, but HE HAD THE SEXIEST ASS EVER!!!!! And he knew it!!! lol..... My heart jumps out of my chest when I look into his eyes... He literally takes my breath away. Eyes are the first thing I notice about a person.... Ah, what a magnificant creature he was.
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlOOOH MY GOODNESS i know. His eyes were probably the most beautiful part of him. They make my heart jump out of my chest...

    But then there was his butt. He had, i swear, he had the best butt of any creature who ever existed. It was this adorable little poop offa his body. When he wore leotards.....:D:D:D:D

    I probly would die if i could grab his butt. ;P
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, Palol, Freddie, orlando, FL..... I would have given everything....especially the part when she grabs his butt...OH YEA lol Yea I noticed that everyone had short hair... I personally think Freddie looked GREAT with his hair at that length. Freddie also had beautiful chocolate eyes that he always accented with black eyeliner... GORGEOUS!!! Your eyes are the windows to your soul, and when you look into his eyes you see nothing but kindness and beauty.
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlLOL, i know, what you you have given to be that kick hes fondling when hes like: "I gotta be cool.. relax..." hahaha CAN YOU IMAGINE? they all had short hair in that one. Even bri if you look at him. The extra guys in that video crck me up. I like when he walks off the set at the end like "ok, im done, i dont care anymore."
  • Sigurbjörn from KeflavÃ?k, IcelandElvis did not record this.
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaFreddie was sooo HOTTT in the video for this song. I especially loved the part when the girls tore his shirt, and the little scene with the motorcycle. He resembled a bad boy Greaser similar to the ones in the movie "The Outsiders". The movie that comes to mind to which this song is in is "Son In Law" staring Paully Shoure. I'm not sure if this song was in any other films, but I definently know it was in "Son In Law". You know what, I thought Freddie looked better without the Moustache. But even so, he's still HOTTTTT. lol Oh and this is most definently an original piece of Freddie Mercury. It may sound a bit Elvis like, but really has no connection with him what so ever. Its just that Freddie was a fan of his, so why not make a song to resemble that of his Idol. It truely is a great song and I love it to death. I have the Queen Greatest Video Hits 1&2. I watch the video often. :-)
  • Freddie from Orlando, Flhow cute was fred when he played this on guitar? oh muh gracious.
  • Kelsey from Pineville, Lawhat moveie is this from!!!!!
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlWas there any form of music Queen didnt cover?
  • Liz from Someplace, Ctshana - BASICALLY GOOD? they were the next best thing after the Beatles!!!
  • Kent Lyle from Palo Alto, CaThe video for this song and "Save Me" feature Freddie right before he grew that infamous mustache. Many fans had a minor cow over it. During live shows, fans would throw disposible razors onto the stage.
  • Kent Lyle from Palo Alto, CaOne of the few songs where Brian did not use his Red Special. Instead, he played a Telecaster.
  • Leon from Buitenkaag, Netherlandsi downloaded a elvis presley version of crazy little thing called love.... (use kazaa search elvis presley Crazy little thing called love) and he also sung this song... but queen released it in 79... and elvis died in 77...
    Well offcourse i like the queen version better... because queen rules... but it is strange
  • Madeline from Yakima, WaGreat song! Very retro.
  • Shana from Pembroke, CanadaThis is an ok song, but its queen so its basically good
  • Missael from San Mateo, CaGreat song, people still think it's an Elvis track, Freddie wrote it while taking a bath
  • Eddie from Lachine, MiDwight Yoakam covered this in about 1995. His version was used for a Gap commercial. Yoakam did another Gap commercial singing "Give a little bit" originally a Supertramp song.
  • Sandra from Tel Aviv, IsraelWhen it came out, a lot of people actually thought it's a lost Elvis track.

    The video features proffessional dancers.
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