Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy

Album: A Day At The Races (1976)


  • This song, which was written by Freddie Mercury, features sound engineer and co-producer Mike Stone taking over the lead vocals for one line: "Hey, boy, where'd you get it from? Hey, boy, where did you go?" >>
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    Gian Maria - Udine, Italy
  • Discussing the song in an interview with Kenny Everett on his radio show, Freddie Mercury described the song thus: "It's in my 'ragtime' mood that I get a chance to, [Laughs] to do on every album and this time, this is something I've come up with this time around."

    This links to his comments about "Seaside Rendezvous" about wanting to do more 'vaudeville' style songs in the future ("Seaside Rendezvous was featured on previous album A Night At The Opera). Everett described it as "a little frilly number from the pen of Fred."

    On an aside, Everett is an important part of Queen history - when "Bohemian Rhapsody" was first proposed as a single, Queen's record company refused to put it out, and demanded a cut-down version be produced. One was actually made, but the band eventually stood firm and insisted they wanted the full-length version to go out, and were backed by manager John Reid. Everett visited the studio where they were recording, heard "Bohemian Rhapsody" and fell in love with it. He then stole a copy (stories vary on whether he was given a copy or stole one) of the song, and played it intensely on his radio show across one weekend - which helped break the song and make it a huge hit before it was even officially released.

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  • Sherry H from Albuquerque,nm, UsaFor those who are surprised that there are not more comments here, understand that there are so many places where comments can be placed on all of the QUEEN songs, just check out the number of youtube reaction sites that have their songs and also how many times each song shows up around the internet. Check the number of times the songs have been listened to, and tally up for all the listings. Don't Stop Me Now has over 600 million views alone on just the studio cut. QUEEN still remains a very popular band.
  • Maristella from PhilippinesI so love this song! Freddie's voice is amazing. It's a fun song really!
  • Margaret from Terre Haute IndianaMy second favorite song number 2 only to Don't Stop Me Now. Freddie is an amazing artist he had no set formula he truly changed the game and there has yet to be anyone who can compare.
  • Jordan from Long Island, NyI think the drums compliment the first bridge very well! Overall, very nicely structured (especially the first minute)
  • Joe from Grants Pass, OrA long with the orchestration on "You're My Best Friend " YAAA!!!
  • Lori from Greenville, Scaccording to Brian, this was one of Freddie's favorite songs.
  • Nikita from Drogheda, IrelandThis has to be in my top 5 for my fav band, Queen. Brilliant work, excellently done!
  • Lawrence from Erie, PaThis song freaked out all my friends, It along with "Lazying on a Sunday Afternoon" was my get up and go tunes. Just seemed to help get the lead out....
  • Jessie Steele from Bartlett, Tni love these queen sopngs,the ones with ballads and rock and all sorts of different styles
    and this is probably in my top three for queen songs.
    it will be played at my wedding
    i love this song,very cool
  • Hekla from Reykjavik, IcelandI agree with Paul, not too many comments on Queen.
    and The Beatles are also my fave, but Queen are definitely in my top!
    love this song:)
    its very sweet
  • Kevin from Syracuse, NyI used to call this my theme song...reminds me of the old time Southern Chivalry
  • Daniel from Troutdale, OrOne of the many things that stand out in this song is the cleverness. Freddy Murcery was clearly gay, and loves to think of himself of a lover boy, but the appeal of the song also suggest that it's a good old fashioned lover boy as in a gentleman. I really love songs with good bridges and Outro's. One other fact, Brian mays unique fat note sound comes from the six pence he uses as a pick. There's also two versions of this song, this one, which was a promo, and another live promo, with a heavier guitar tone.

    Guitar Work A - Intricite appregriated chords with nice bending work.

    Vocals A+ I don't care if they have to layer their studio recordings with up to 45 dubbs and layers, the vocals are the definition of melodic

    Song Structure B+ sometimes short solos and bridges are often the best sounding part of the song in contract with the chorus or verse, the bridge and hard blues intro to the guitar solo was incredible, and should have lasted longer to qualify themselves for a progressive rock award.
  • Mary from Rochester, MnI love the form of this song. It starts out kind of fast, has a short ballad, then has a short guitar solo, and goes back to the fast part. If I could only listen to three songs for the rest of my life, it would be this, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Don't Stop Me Now!
  • Paul from Bucharest, Romaniagreat song by my second favorite band in the world (beatles are my nr1).

    Still I find it odd that most queen songs here have so few comments... I thought queen were one of the best bands all around after the beatles eve Macca said they are fantastic.. why so few people looking up their songs? Ah well.. I still love them... And I'll never leave old friends.. I'll stick arround !
  • Matthew from Milford, MaThe lyrics for this song are quite good...
  • Mr.b from Edinburgh, Scotlandamazing song, its always nice to be nice ;)
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