Album: Innuendo (1991)
Charted: 14
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  • Guitarist Brian May wrote this for his solo album, but when he listened to Freddie Mercury singing it, he decided to record it with Queen. He and his bandmates re-wrote the song, each earning a songwriting credit.
  • This song is about rushing into things without proper preparation. Rushing into something headlong is like jumping into something head first without thinking about consequences. >>
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  • AnonymousI just absolutely adore watching Deacy smiling at Freddie all the way through this video. He knew Freddie was dying so he made the most of what time they had left... True friends, truest friends I have ever known
  • Mark from Nh"soup in the laundry bag".... ??
  • Josh from UsaA version with Brian May singing can be heard on the 2011 "Deluxe Remastered Version".
  • Eliseu Carvalho from Canoas, Rs, BrazilThe weird thing repeated four times in the end is just "headlong" played backwards.
  • Lester from New York City, NyA real rocker. Great guitar
  • Jason from Woodside, NyI love the way Freddie sang this song. It's no wonder Brian let it go.
  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlYeah, best part of the song, I'd say. I also really like the video for this one.
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cadefinitely not going crazy. best part= "he used to be a man with a stick in his hand, she used to be a woman with a hot dog stand" that part is awesome. lol i like the way he says hot dog too.
  • Amy from Dallas, TxI love this part: She used to be a woman with a hot dog stand. I love the way he says 'hotdog' lol i must be going crazy..right?
  • Amy from Monaghan, IrelandBrian (1991): "Headlong came from me, at our studio in Montreux, a home recording studio for us that's very state-of-the-art, lovely for creating. The ideas came in a couple of days. At first I thought about it as a song for my solo album but, as always, the band is the best vehicle. As soon as I heard Freddie sing it, I said, 'That's it!' Sometimes it's painful to give the baby away, but what you gain is much more. It became a Queen song."
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaThis is a great song... One of my faves to be exact.
  • Rick from Humboldt, Iathere's a part where they say "used to be a man with a stick in his hand" referring to how freddie always had his microphone attached to a stick.
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