Love Of My Life

Album: A Night At The Opera (1975)
Charted: 63
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  • This song, which was written, sung, and played by Freddie Mercury (with guitar sequences added in by Brian May), quickly became a fan favorite and was played at nearly every Queen concert. It was especially popular in South America. Often, Freddie would stop singing and allow the crowd to carry on the tune (as can be seen in their Live in Rio compilation).
  • This song details the plight of a man who's been abandoned by his lover. He feels that the love that has been taken from him affects him far more than it does his lover, and pleads, "Bring it back home to me because you don't know what it means to me."
  • On the Return Of The Champions Queen and Paul Rodgers CD, Rogers calls this a "Freddie Song," says that he can't sing it as well as him, and tries anyway.

    Since Mercury's death in 1991, May often handles live vocals on the song, and it becomes a touching tribute to the late frontman - particularly when performed solo or with Kerry Ellis. Often at Queen shows the crowd will sing a huge part of the song and cause May to get rather emotional.
  • A live release of this song reached #1 in Argentina and Brazil and #63 in the UK in 1979.
  • Vince Gill and Ann Wilson (of Heart) teamed up to record this song for Wilson's 2022 solo album Fierce Bliss. "I just thought it would be so beautiful if it was taken to a really organic, raw form, and done as a duet," she told Songfacts. "So, I thought, 'Well, I want to duet with a man.' And who would be the ideal man to sing with me? It wouldn't be somebody gruff, smoky, and raspy. It would be somebody with an angel's voice. So, that narrowed it down to one guy in my mind: Vince Gill. I asked him if he'd do it, and he said yes. It's a sweet duet, but it's really pulling."

    In the same interview, Wilson shared her thoughts on Freddie Mercury, whom she met in the '80s when Heart and Queen played together. "He was just such a fun person at that point," she said. "I think that as the two lead singers, we recognized something in each other and we could party and joke around with each other. And be flamboyant with each other. [Laughs] He was great. He was just so fun. And boy, what a talent. What a super-energized powerhouse he was."

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  • Kords from IndonesiaWhat a great masterpiece from Queen.
  • D from CanadaFreddy said he "Could never love a man the way he loved Maery" and he said men asked him why they couldn't replace Mary and he told them it was "Simply impossible."
  • The Old Guy from Central Florida, Usa"Love Of My Life" was NOT written for or about Mary Austin. It was written well before Freddie revealed to her he was bisexual which caused her to break up with him. Freddie claimed it wasn't written for/about anyone and I tend to believe that. The only real possibility, if he DID write it for/about anyone, would be David Minns. He was Freddie's first serious homosexual relationship partner, but they were frequently arguing...breaking up and getting back together, in large part because Freddie felt they had to hide their relationship and David did not want it to be swept under the rug.
  • Some Hoser from CaliforniaOne possibility is that it was written for John Deacon. It was written before Freddie and Mary parted.
  • Kia from Australia Freddie said in an interview with Circus Magazine in the mid 70s that this song was written for NO ONE! So stop all thos nonsense that it was written for Mary. If it WAS written for anyone it would have been for David Minns whom he was having an affair with.
  • Chris Mcnee from Nb, CanadaA song and a masterpiece
  • Chloe AndersonLove Of My Life, one of Queen’s many musical gems.
  • Matthew from United StatesAccording to John Reid, Freddie Mercury wrote "Love of My Life" about David Minns. Minns was a man that Freddie was having an affair with behind Mary Austin's back between 1975 and 1978.
  • Jennie from Aberystwyth, United KingdomMy genuine fave queen song. beautiful beautiful words, wonderful piano playing in the studio version that gives me goose bumps, and I love how the key it's sung in changed over the years. I especially love the way it was sung at Wembley, in 1986. R.I.P precious ... God bless you. xx
  • Cathy from Boston, MaYes, this song was written by Freddie for his longtime friend (and onetime lover) Mary Austin. It seems to reflect the period when Freddie broke up with her after telling her he was bi-sexual, but was still very emotional about not wanting to lose her love. He didn't. Despite both of them moving on to other romantic relationships, they remained friends and constant companions for the rest of his life. He left her nearly all of his fortune and his home, and called her "my common-law wife and one true friend."
  • Rose from Boston, MaI believe that Freddie is the godfather of Mary's two sons. And this song is soo bittersweet, yes, I love it.
  • Ryan from Eaton, InRegarding the harp Brian plays -- Brian "learned" to play, but (by his own admission), he basically was only able to record the part a chord at a time, and so they wound up splicing the whole thing together.
  • Paul from Longwood, FlMore on Freddie and Mary ... I've been haunted by their bittersweet lover story ever since I knew more about it - it almost has a "Sid and Nancy" tragic tinge to it, albeit in a different way. Despite Freddie's decision to go with the "guy side", which broke up their 6-year live-in relationship, Mary and Freddie remained close to each other to the day of his death in 1991. In fact, Freddie bequeathed much of his earthly belongings, not to his male live-in at the time (HE only got a "measley" 500 thousand pounds - the same amount as Freddie's chef!) - but to Mary, including his mansion in London. Mary Austin is now finally married, with two sons (from a previous relationship and not by her husband).

    If you wish to read more, one site, with pix, is
  • Joan from Amsterdam, NetherlandsI just love this song it's so beautiful! Some time I have to cry by this song:$
  • Michael from Perth, AustraliaThis song brings a tear to my eye just about everytime I hear it. It reminds me of my first girlfriend 20 years ago when I was 15 and how the world was falling apart when we parted ways.
    Just plain beautiful.
  • Tanya from Dayton, Ohin the 80's I was at a concert- this song had everybody up and singing along. i still get goosebumps thinking of it. it was a GREAT moment.
  • Ched - from La Union, Philippines, United Statescomment: On the Return of the Champions CD (Queen +Paul Rodgers).... it was Brian May who called it as "Freddie Song......" and Brian also dedicated the song to Freddie's mother. I love this part because the Hammer to Fall number by Brian and Paul (with a slow intro) ... followed.
  • Stefano from Rome, ItalyThis song in the studio version features Brian May playing... harp! Another proof of Queen creativity and innovation.
  • Keith from Hastings, EnglandLoved this track forever-my daughter recently heard it for the first time, really moved her emotionally.
  • Catherine from Wooster, OhThis song is apparently about Mary Austin, Freddie's live-in girlfriend at the time.
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