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  • When it comes to "rock" songs, Queen is best known for "We Will Rock You," but three yeas later they released this lesser-known tribute to the pleasures of rock and roll. It's fairly straightforward, inviting a girl to come along for a rockin' ride.
  • Queen drummer Roger Taylor wrote this and wanted to sing it, but Brian May and the producer Reinhold Mack suggested Freddie Mercury should. They eventually recorded both versions, Brian voted for Freddie's, John Deacon voted for Roger's. Finally they decided to make a compromise and leave Freddie singing the intro and Roger taking the lead vocals from then on. Mercury sang it on stage.
  • Synthesizers were played by the producer Reinhold Mack. Freddie Mercury played organ in the song. >>
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    Sebas - Tokyo, Japan, for above 2
  • The line, "I said Mama, I ain't crazy" is likely a reference to the 1972 Slade hit "Mama Weer All Crazee Now."

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  • Adam from Boyce, VaThis song is a fun song and really captures the time period well for what the sound was like then. However the greatest thing about this song is Freddie's intro. I like Roger but I considered him a rather weak vocalist. Of course anyone compared to Freddie is going to suffer from comparison but to this day I usually just listen to the intro and go onto the next track.
  • Anna from Ann Arbor, MiYou two are both right, Roger is adorable!
    But yeah, I love this song,
    it's so fun!
  • Catherine from Wooster, OhHa, you're right, Roger is adorable! That's my favorite part of that song!
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlI love roggies little "ahh"s and "Oooh"s when the rock kicks in after Freds intro. Theyre so cute and goochie goo-able.
    I wuv you Roger. xooxoxoxxoxoxo
    (im not really Freddie, Im a chick.)
    (if you, yuknow, happen to read this)
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