Save Me

Album: The Game (1980)
Charted: 11
  • Guitarist Brian May composed this about a friend whose relationship had ended.
  • Brian played piano and several guitars in the recording. On stage, during Game and Flash tours, Brian played piano until the second chorus and from then on Freddie Mercury took it over.
  • This is the first song the band released using synthesizer.
  • The outro chord progression was quoted in the 1997 Brian May song "No One But You." >>
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  • Parker from China, IlA great song. One of the few songs that have meanings not up for interpretation. The lead guitarist of Queen, Brian Mays, wrote this song. It is about a friend whose relationship with his wife had ended.
  • Miles from Vancouver, CanadaDefinitely a scream for help - and from someone who cares deeply about others. I've felt dejected as of late and I've never had a girlfriend and I'm 25. I can't face my life alone. I need someone. This is one of the few Queen songs I can relate to in the lyrics department. But even if I couldn't, it's a sweet power ballad.
  • Bill from Lodi, CaThis song breaks my heart, makes me cry everytime. Lost love and broken hearted, this song means so much to me. Brian's heart must have been on fire when he wrote this song, so beautiful and tragic.
    "The years of care and loyalty
    Were nothing but a shame it seems
    The years belie we lived the lie"
    "I love you 'till I die"
  • Rachel from London, United Kingdom
    This is one of Brian's best songs, its very similar in a way to Love of My Life but its still a beautiful song
  • Alan from Falkirk, ScotlandIf I were to sit down and write a song about my own current situation it would have been this
  • Sulistiya from Arema, IndonesiaThis song is really awesome. I've listened to it thousand times it seems..and it always gets me back to look my own life and makes me in tears. Brian was really brilliant and Freddie performed it in a total amazing way. It really depicted how a breakup to be.
  • Matthew from Milford, MaI prefer the rock-style songs (like We Will Rock You, Another One Bites the Dust, I Want It All, and Dragon Attack,) but this song is absolutely awesome in its own right. I feel that it certainly deserves a 5/5 rating!
  • Todd from Battle Creek, MiThis album was a large part of my life in H.S. It helped motivate me, vent rage, feel melancholy, and just veg out. But "Save Me" helped me to get over a long-time love, just knowing that someone felt the same feelings. Who hasn't felt this way before?
  • Paul from Redditch, EnglandMy favourite Queen song. Probably cus it's the only one that hasn't been played to death on the radio.
  • Theresa from San Diego, CaAll Queen songs are excellent. I like this one too it's AWESOME
  • Kika from Nyc, NyThis song is just too much. too too much. It's pretty yes, but it makes me want to role over, cry and die. Too mushy, i just think it's lost queen sophistication. But it's still pretty
  • Ace from Kingston , CanadaOMG wow girls that think this video is good way to butcher it. U are totally taking out the anger and rage there is in this song that the mans relationship is over, and the thing freddie does wiht his hand is his signature move its great!
  • Jeanette from Irvine, Cai love this song. its one of my favorites. everyone can relate to it for one, but at the same time its totally honest and specific. one of queen's best.
  • Amy from Dallas, TxWell..its a good song..but not one of my favs. I do agree the video is beautiful, and the end is beautiful too. I dont know, its just my opinion. All of the Queen songs are great, but this one gets a 2.5/10 :S
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaThis is one of the best! The video is just beautiful with the dove! Especially at the end when Freddie lifts his hand up and follows the dove while it flies away.... just beautifully put together.
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