Seven Seas of Rhye

Album: Queen II (1974)
Charted: 10


  • A track from their second album, this was Queen's first entry on the UK singles chart. Brian May in Q magazine, March 2008, said: "Our first breakthrough, made with the idea that if radio was going to play it, everything had to explode. And it did work."
  • As the song fades out, part of a British seaside song called "Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside" is sung. >>
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  • Freddie Mercury penned the song basing it on a fantasy world called Rhye that he had created with his sister, Kashmira. They were brought up on the African island of Zanzibar in the Zoroastrianism religion, founded in Iran, and these fuelled Mercury's flights of fancy. Several other of the Queen singer's early songs feature the mysterious land of Rhye, including Lily Of The Valley, My Fairy King and The March Of The Black Queen.
  • The song's success enabled Mercury to quit his day job working at a stall in London's Kensington Market.
  • The success of the single earned Queen their first ever appearance on Top of the Pops, the musical variety show that The Beatles, and many other British bands, aspired to be on when they started. Judging by In the Days of our Lives documentary Queen appears to have mixed view on their appearance. Roger Taylor was critical: "There was a strike on at the BBC so we recorded it in the weather studio. It was rubbish, no one actually played, just some aging disc jockeys. And the drums were plastic, so they made this 'dook' noise when you hit them."

    Brian May on the other hand was more positive: "it was an exciting experience, because hey here you are on Top of the Pops and it's all happening."

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  • Everett from NevadaFreddie Mercury was a messenger from God like the Greek god Mercury was a messenger from God the song it's about Jesus Second Coming he appears in the sky to claim what is his the Seven Seas of this world belong to Jesus he comes to claim what rightfully belongs to him the name Rai is in Urban Dictionary top definition Son of God look it up Urban Dictionary that song is prophecy Jesus is the groom he comes to claim his bride and that song says he will make love to her forever and ever, the kingdoms of this world are now the kingdoms of our Lord Jesus Christ and he shall Rule and Reign forever and forever. The song is totally a message about the prophecies to come true. So amazing is this understanding and it is a true interpretation.
  • Marie from New JerseyAnyone happen to know why this song isn’t on the Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack? It was definitely featured in the movie. It’s a shame not to have it in there.
  • Zebedyzak from UkThis is the song that introduced me to Queen at the age of 12. They supported Mott The Hoople (one of my favourite bands then and now) on tour, and as Mott were enjoying their final visit to the Top 20 (with "The Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll"), Queen were enjoying their first of many. As it happens, I bought that particular MTH single and this Queen one together on the same day. How many people have bought two such great singles together on the same day at the age of 12? Anyway, from such small beginnings as a support act to a band who were coming to the end of their heyday, Queen ended up the most successful band to launch their career in the 1970s, with over 1600 weeks of chart action to their name. And it all began with this mighty great single.
  • Jared from Sikeston, MoThis song is about Rhye, not Zoroaster. Why would Freddie use his fantasy land with Zoroaster?

    But to be honest nobody really knows what it means, except Freddie. We can only guess.
  • Lindsay from Coweta, OkI like this song. It rocks.

    I'm not sure what a Zoroaster is, or if I'd like it. But I know I could never pronounce it right, so I'm glad he didn't put the name in the song.
  • Ryan from Eaton, InThis song was intended for the end of the first Queen album, but the band weren't quite happy with it as it was at that point, thus the short instrumental version at the end of the first album; the lyrics are one of several references Freddie makes to a fantasy world he called 'Rhye' (a further reference is found in 'Lily of the Valley' on the "Sheer Heart Attack" album)
  • Ched - from La Union, PhilippinesAWESOME!
  • Andrew from London, Englandthe track is followed by "Brighton Rock" hence the link "I do like to be beside the seaside"
  • Matthew from Milford, MaIs it just me, or is this song about obsession?
  • Jeff from Liverpool, Englandgreat song,but so is every other one on the black side of queen II especially march of the black queen
  • Rocco from , Canadai never knew freddie was a zoroastrian
  • Chelsea from Wichita, KsFav. Queen song.I like the very first part of it.
  • Zach from Hershey, PaThis song is indeed about Zoroaster. It's about his journey.
  • Jessica from Carlsbad, CaAccording to Wikipedia, the song's about a fantasy world from Freddie's childhood called Rhye. And apparently, it had seven seas. One of my personal Queen favorites.
  • Bryan from Melbourne, FlDa Best Song...EVER!!!! except for maybe (.001% chance) Dragostea Din Tei. other wise...7|-|!5 50||9 !5 73|-| |20><0|2!!!
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaThis is a great "FANTASY" song. I find it facinating and just love it. I especially love the little pirate chant at the end. Its soo great!
  • Steve from Oroville, CaI love how this song is like a sea shanty, one of my favorites by Queen!!!
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InGreat tune, but not one most think of as a Queen song. That is one of the great things about this band....DIVERSITY in style and not conforming to what the industry expects.
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlInteresting Richard, Hadnt thought of that, Im not sure what Fred was rambling about in this one. Sounds great though, doesnt it?
  • James from Bridgeport, CtOne of my favorite Queen songs.
  • Richard from Herndon, VaThis song is about Zoroaster, the prophet from Freddie's religion.
  • Kent Lyle from Palo Alto, CaThis is the one hard rock anthem on an album that is otherwise about as progressive as it gets. It was still played in concert long after the other tracks were forgotten.
  • Raechel from London, EnglandThis is a great song...When my mum's horse was pregnant years ago I was listening to it and the horse who hates me stood by my window and listened to it until it was over, then left. Strange, thought I might add...
  • Shana from Pembroke, CanadaI LOVE THIS SONG! I heard that one of the guys wrote while drinking rhye... but seriously, this is one of my favs...some of their other songs are over played and sold out but this song rocks
  • Will from Portland, Orits awesome
  • Brendan from Colts Neck, Njdude this song rocks out so hard
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