The Hitman

  • Freddie Mercury wrote this song, where he takes on the persona of a nefarious hitman. It could be a metaphor, but it sounds like this guy really likes killing people:

    Gun in my pocket
    Don't get me wrong

    Mercury was responsible for some of the heaviest tracks by the band, like "Ogre Battle," "Stone Cold Crazy" and this one.
  • When Mercury wrote this, it was not as heavy. It was originally written in keyboards, then Brian May transferred it to guitar, changed the key, and added some new parts (he even did a demo with him singing those). Bassist John Deacon reconstructed the track and that's what finally came out. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Sebas - Tokyo, Japan, for above 2

Comments: 3

  • Lori from Greenville, ScI like in the song where he says "I'm been to hitman school" Freddie's yeah's at the end.
  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlI like the main riff in the song, and Freddy's interjections.
  • Amy from Dallas, Tx'I'm the hitman I'm your prize', Yes you are Freddie =)
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