The Invisible Man

Album: The Miracle (1989)
Charted: 12
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  • This song was written by the band's drummer, Roger Taylor. Rumor has it that the beat came to him immediately while reading the book The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. Taylor said that he wrote part of the song in the bathtub.
  • "The Invisible Man" was the original planned title for the album that would be called The Miracle, but three weeks prior to the album's release, they changed the name.
  • Hidden within the song are the names of each of the band members: Freddie Mercury at the beginning of the first verse (often confused with "Freddy Kreuger"!), John Deacon after the first verse, Brian May, said twice before his solo, and Roger Taylor after the words "Look at me, look at me," which Taylor answers with a quick drum beat.
  • The idea of the song, to a large extent, seems to be the concept of being invisible, not physically, however: "Incredible how you can see right through me... it's criminal how I can see right through you." The Invisible Man can see through people and their veiled emotions and appearances and see what they really are, underneath the facade that they put out. It appears that The Invisible Man became "invisible" after being turned down by a girl who didn't like him - he's reacted back, and now, the only thing that she can think about is him. She can't shake him from her mind, she can't get him back, she can't do anything to him. He's in her life, for good. He's her "Meanest thought" and her "Darkest fear." The last couple of lines, "Look at me, look at me," are basically asking that he no longer be ignored. Again, he's not physically invisible - he can see other people's lives, who they are on the inside, but he is constantly ignored by people who feel they're better than him. As this song was written by Taylor, it would be unlikely that anyone could stretch it to say that this applies to Mercury, that people thought they were better than him because they weren't bisexual. As he did write this after reading a book, it is also possible that the invisible man is in fact invisible and now he's become a stalker, but, that wouldn't explain the "See right through you" lines. >>
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  • Michael from Santa Cruz, CaGreat song!!.The very air abounds with an army of Brian Mays's!!
  • Alexandra from Zagreb, CroatiaI actually thought it talks about homosexuality. I mean, they are invisible to the society, and it's just the general feel I got from this song. However, I've known for a few years now that Mercury did not write this song, making it my theory a bit less plausible. It's an excellent song either way, and the beat is absolutely perfect.
  • Heather from Perry, GaThis song was the inspiration for the theme song of the Nickelodeon cartoon "Danny Phantom". Show creator Butch Hartman is a huge Queen fan, and happened to come across this track on an imported "greatest hits" CD while on a business trip in South Korea. He fell in love with the bass line, and decided that if he ever got the chance to create a new cartoon (after "The Fairly Odd Parents") he would use that bass line in its theme song. After he got the go-ahead from Nickelodeon to create "Danny Phantom" and needed to write a theme song for it, he went to his composer, Guy Moon, played the "Invisible Man" bass line, and told him, "I don't care what music you use, just give me a bass line like this."
  • Songtest2 from Gilbert, AzThis song has tremendous production value, but unfortunately it's tremendous '80s production and sounds a little dated. Still, demonstrates Queen's incredible musical talents.
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