White Queen


  • Subtitled "As It Began," this song was written by Queen guitarist Brian May. It has a medieval, mystical feel, telling the story of a journey to see the White Queen. In the end, there is sorrow, as the journey ends as it began.

    It's possible the song is an allegory for real-life relationship, but more likely it's storytelling, which delivered in the voice of Freddie Mercury proved transformative.
  • The album also contains a song called "The March Of The Black Queen," which was written by Freddie Mercury. The songs don't seem related, but if you're looking for a concept, you can see them as tug between good and evil.
  • This was a concert favorite for Queen, performed at many of their shows in the '70s. It was never a hit, but went over very well live and helped the band pace the show. Mercury set at the piano for much of the song, giving him some time off his feet.
  • Queen was still working their way up when they released the Queen II album with the iconic cover photo of the band peering out of the darkness. It was the work of photographer Mick Rock, who was the lensman to the glam and avant-garde, having worked with Lou Reed, David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Queen were keen to work with him, but Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon were a little concerned that the photo would come off as pretentious. According to Rock, Freddie Mercury had no qualms, telling his bandmates they had every right to be pretentious because they were that good.

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  • Chloe AndersonIt’s about this one girl Brian liked.
  • Potato With Standards from IdahoWhenever I listening to this song it makes me think of Galadriel from the lord of the rings
  • Susan from NyI just heard this song it has to be one of their best. If you watch Freddie you can see he just really gets into this song. I love it.
  • Gabriel Santana from Anapolis, BrazilI don't think there is such a beautiful and amazing song in Queen's entire discography than White Queen (As It Began). Not even Bohemian Rhapsody, that is the Queen masterpiece, gives me the feeling that this wonderful song makes me feel. It's such a shame that it is not well known, apart from Queen's more passionate fans.
  • Kate from Bath, United KingdomThis is a Brian May song. Apparently it's about a blind girl who's in love with.
  • Barriev from Shrewsbury, United KingdomDuh! To my shame.. of course it was Brian May song.. I should know better! Truly beautiful, moving song.. Mr May deserves far more credit than he has ever received I feel..
  • Barriev from Shrewsbury, United KingdomWasn't White Queen (as it began) a Freddie Mercury song? I would have thought, that if it was, it may have been about Mary Steen, who Freddie was seeing for a while..
  • Kate C. from Lisbon, PortugalI've heard it was about a blind girl Brian once met. I find this song quite wonderful.
  • Jared from Sikeston, Moapparantely, White Queen is about a girl in Brian's childhood that he never had the courage to ask out.
  • Blaze from Hendersonville, TnYeah... Side Black. What a wonderful tribute for the departed. "I'll be your bad boy, I'll be your bad boy."
    Not quite appropriate funeral material, but I like it.
  • Adam from Boyce, VaVery Progressive.......very Zepplenish...
  • Krista from Milwaukee, WiProbably the saddest Queen song ever. I love the lyrics!
  • Stefano from Rome, ItalyFyodor, I think separating songs in that way is not "segregating". When you make a sort of concept-album like this one, it can lead to a a sort of "natural separation". In progressive rock you can find further examples of this.
  • Fyodor from Denver, CoOn the original LP, the side with White Queen was labeled Side White and was dominated by Brian May's songs while the other side was labeled Side Black and was entirely written by Freddie Mercury. I don't believe they ever segregated their respective writing contributions like that again. This record blew me away as a kid, especially the grand regalness of May's songs. Now I find those songs a bit on the pretentious and dull side, while I continue to admire the slinky uncouth of Freddie's Side Black. I played Side Black to my roommates in tribute when the poor guy bit it.
  • Amy from Dallas, TxAmazing. Just amazing.
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