Broken Glass

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  • This cathartic song celebrates female unity and was inspired by events such as the Women's March and International Women's Day. "'Broken Glass' is my rallying cry of release, healing, excitement, hope, and joy," Platten wrote in an essay for Refinery29. "It's a celebration of the power of women—of our unity, strength, and fierceness, and of just how freaking awesome we are. We are badass on our own, but we're unstoppable when we come together."
  • The song's music video was shot in the Los Angeles' Chinatown, and features female bikers from around the globe. Asked by Pop Crush, how she put the visual together, Platten replied:

    "I live on the west side of LA and my bike is the main way I get around if I'm staying around Venice [Beach]. I love being on my bike—the speed and the feeling of the air rushing past you makes even boring errands feel like you're a little kid, ya know? So I wanted my music video shoot day to be a blast and what could make it more fun than a bunch of badass chicks on bikes?"

    She added: "We flew in artistic cyclists from Germany who were insanely talented. The first time I saw them practicing stunts I completely forgot to keep singing along. I was just staring, jaw on the floor. They were the kindest, most humble but also tough and confident women, and they patiently taught me a couple of tricks. In the behind-the-scenes footage, you can see me riding on the handlebars with Sara. I was like, screaming at the cameramen, 'Quick! Capture this before I bite it!' Sorry, guys."
  • The song is a continuation of empowering tunes like "Fight Song" and "Stand By You," which Platten recorded for her Wildfire album.

    "I felt like I wanted to continue and do my part to give a message of hope through music and promote girl power," she told Billboard magazine. "Even though we have a long way to go to get equality between men and women, we're making progress, and when we lift each other up, that's dope. 'Broken Glass' is kind of about that message."


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