You Don't Know My Heart

  • Rachel Platten addresses her family on this song, telling them her heart is in the right place, but because of her lifestyle, it sometimes doesn't appear that way and that tears her up inside. Platten said: "Sometimes a song can kind of heal you in a way because you write about the feeling and then you get it out and you understand really where you sit with it."
  • Platten penned the song back in 2013 before she broke through with "Fight Song." "I was touring a lot and none of this was happening, so it was hard for my family to understand," she recalled to MTV News. "It wasn't like, 'Oh, you're successful and playing on TV all the time, so we get why you're gone.' It was like, 'Why are you gone to be playing in a van to 20 people in Ohio?'" She added with a smirk, "Nothing against Ohio. It's a great state."

    "My sister's one my best friends. And I was missing things," Platten added. "I missed her graduation. It really hurt her. She was really confused why I would not be there for her, and it was breaking my heart because I wanted her to understand how much I loved her."


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