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  • During live performances, Thom Yorke has sung this version of the chorus:
    "You can try the best you can, you can try the best you can. The best you can ain't good enough."
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    Steven - Stockton, CA
  • Yorke revealed in 2003 that the song's chorus ("You can try the best you can. You can try the best you can. The best you can is good enough.") came from words of encouragement he received from his partner, Rachel Owen. He was worried that "nothing we'd done was releasable."
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Comments: 6

  • Bodhi from RioI don't get the dinosaurs mentioning, anyone?
  • Josh from Chicago, IlIt's probably just my opinion, but the music (not the lyrics) makes me feel good, cheerful and OPTIMISTIC. Except for 3:09 to 3:16. That part is just plain eerie.
  • Ben from Lexington, KyNot a popular song on Radiohead's live setlists. Still a great song, one of the most conventional on Kid A.
  • Hebrew from St. Paul, MnWhen you rely on men to get your justice, self affirmations are all you are left with, as the only man one can then vaguely trust is self. This song comes off as sad and hopeless because when one seeks justice from men, who are imperfect, and will always let you down, one has no choice but to turn to another imperfect creature to affirm.... Self. What a disappointment. It's like a hole trying to use a hole to fill a hole. How sad. Indeed the best you can isn't good enough.
  • David from Austin, Txin response to dylan's comment and thom yorke singing "the best you can ain't good enough" .. this song always sounded very sarcastic to me. though it was written because thom's girlfriend told him "the best you can is good enough," it seems to me that thom yorke is twisting her words in a sarcastic manner, sort of making fun of the notion that the best you can is good enough to make it in such a cruel world. quite evil, really. of course i could be wrong, but radiohead isn't exactly known for writing optimistic songs.
  • Dylan from New Britain, CtThats funny because when I listen to this song I always feel like saying "The best you can isn't good enough" or that how I wouldve wrote it.
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