We Suck Young Blood

Album: Hail To The Thief (2003)


  • This song is about Hollywood, and how executives prey on young, easily exploitable talent.
  • Before Hail To The Thief was released, Radiohead put up posters around Los Angeles that said:
    Begging for a break?
    Strung up by the wrists?
    We want young blood.
    Call 1-800-YOUNG-BLOOD"
  • This song is at a very slow tempo, and the 1st and 3rd beats of the bar are accentuated, rather than the 2nd and 4th which is the norm. This strange rhythm is partly what gives the song its 'creepy' feel, along with Thom Yorke's crackling, bittersweet vocals.
  • The alternate title for this song is 'Your Time Is Up.' >>
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    rudi - melbourne, Australia, for above 4

Comments: 4

  • Gord Wood from London Ont, OnHail to the Thief overall was quite a good cd, except for this god awfull song. I honestly think this is their worst song they have ever produced.
  • Rashed from Camden, NjTango what do you listen to? - N'sync? Backstreet Boys? - get real man - learn to respect other people's tastes in music.
  • Christine from SunderlandGreat band
    very depressing song
  • Tango Fistula from Gila Bend, Azthis band is the most overrated pice of anal flotsam ever.
    sooo "arty" sooooooooooooo dull
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