All About You

Album: F.I.L.A. - Fly International Luxurious Art (2015)
  • This Jerry Wonda produced song features a vocal contribution by Estelle. Raekwon previously worked with the English songstress on the 2011 Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang track "Chop Chop Ninja." Asked by The Boombox what it is about Estelle's voice that adds to his music, the rapper replied: "I am a big fan of R&B music. You know we [Wu-Tang Clan] was always down with SWV and all that back in the day and you know we did some Jodeci records. As for Estelle, she's a dope artist out of Britain and it goes with the whole Fly International Luxurious Art movement. Having someone out there with that voice and I am a big fan of hers, so it was the perfect mesh."

    "I had a super producer come in and produce "All About You" and it just felt good so we went for it," Raekwon added. "I don't mind working with artists I have worked with before because if we made great music, then let it be. But that record is more for the women and me thinking of y'all."


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