Lonely Call

Album: WildHorse (2016)


  • Here, RaeLynn sings of getting a late-evening phone call from an ex for whom she still has feelings. She makes the choice to ignore the call as giving in won't help her get over him.

    I used to be your 6 a.m
    "Hey good morning
    Beautiful, how you been?"
    I used to be a "we just landed
    Miss you, you can't stand it
    See you this weekend"
    Now I'm just a midnight number.

    RaeLynn told Taste of Country she wrote the song about a guy called Josh, whom she dated for ten months. She penned the tune as an inspiration to herself. "The only way I can get over this is if he quits contacting me," she remembered thinking at the time.
  • RaeLynn and Josh broke up for two years before getting back together again. They are now married and Josh never got to hear the song until they became an item.

    "He was like, 'Well at least we know when we broke up you got some good songs out of it,'" RaeLynn said with a laugh. "He was like, 'I felt so bad but now I don't feel so bad if it makes you a lot of money.'"
  • RaeLynn told Entertainment Tonight about the late night phone call from Josh that sparked this track. "The song is verbatim how I felt," she recalled. "I remember him calling me one night, and he wasn't being mean or anything like that - when you're together and you're so in love, you want to call the person even if you're not together. I was like, 'I'm not your lonely call! I'm a Texas girl! I'm gonna be this and this and this.'"
  • The song's music video features RaeLynn playing the supportive best friend of a girl recently cast aside. The cast includes some of the singer's closest pals such as her sister-in-law and best friend Heather.

    "What I loved about this treatment was that it was so relatable," RaeLynn said. "I also loved getting to play the empowering best friend because it's an important relationship in every girl's life."

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  • Makalal from IdahoI love this song so much I can listen to this song over and over again that's but it also makes me cry because it reminds me of my ex that was bad news and everytime he would call me I would just let it ring and he would leave mean voice mails but I love this song because when she says I ain't your lonley call. This is amazing and she is really beautiful and talented.
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