Ashes In The Fall

Album: The Battle Of Los Angeles (1999)
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  • This is about the future after the collapse of modern society. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA
  • The lyrics also deal with racism: "This is the new sound just like the old sound, just like the noose wound over the new ground" is a reference to lynchings in the American south. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    kevin - UK
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Comments: 13

  • Austin from Smallsville, New EnglandThis song is about hypocrisy about the elites, no matter who they are, who promise a better future only to continue the same bad policies. Thus the new sound is just like the old sound.
  • Carrie from Sherman, TxAfter reading and listening to some of Alex Jones's material all Rage's lyrics have so much more meaning to me now.
  • Carrie from Sherman, TxAfter reading and listening to some of Alex Jones's material all Rage's lyrics have so much more meaning to me now.
  • David from Odenton, MdThis song is so addicting. I love the effect after the first chorus "take hope here..." and then the chaos shoots out-and you can see as if society were collapsing. This song Pure awesome.
  • Aki from Sunrise, FlTo me, "The Battle of Los Angeles" seemed very influenced by George Orwell, (I know that Zack is a fan of Mr. Orwell, as am I) and this song seemed to have the most Orwellian influence.
  • Tat from Austin, TxIts hard to tell because RATM comment are a lot different from everyone's opinions
  • Daryl from Pasadena, MdThe point is that capitalism is a nicer reinstitution of slavery. (wage system) This system says you have no right to live and all you are is what you can "win" on the labor market.
  • Daryl from Pasadena, MdThis song is an attack on capitalism (hands pressed on the market window, while the food rots slowly in the isle), in part refers to situations were people are starving, but the market says the food must rot. It reminds us of the dominance of private power, which rewards the few at the expense of the majority.
  • Vinnie from Manhattan, NyThis song deals with the downward spiral of modern society. It also deals with racism.
  • Brendan from Burlington, NjThis, first of all, is one of RAge's greatest songs i think. It talks about war, but most people overlook that it talks mainly about genocide. The 90's saw some of the worst holocausts since WWII and yes Rage does refer to this when they say, "this is the new sound/ just like the old sound." The opening lines talk about torture and reaching for something you can't have. Second verse talks strictly about fascism, leaders instructing their people on who to hate and why. Third verse talks about the irony of seeing schools and factories shut down and people being imprisoned and yet nothing is done about it.
  • Kevin from Uk, United Statesthis song is about racism.THIS IS THE NEW SOUND JUST LIKE THE OLD SOUND.'This is the nouse wound.this is just sayingblacks have complained about being attacked for being black and they always get the same answer all the time
  • Tom from Northport, NySure this song has a lot of meanining, but its not one of their best songs. RATM is my favorite band, but this song doesnt get you pumped like their other songs do.
  • Hmmm from Los Angeles, Cahow come no one has left a coment yet? this is such a tight song. It thoroughly explains how the world will be after war and destruction destroys us. It could also be about thoughs who have nothing and watch us waste everything we have in large quantities. Part of the song says "upon the food that rots slowly in the aisle". We let a lot of our supplies go to waste when others that are suffering could use those things that we waste. Really great song
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