Jealous Lover

Album: Jealous Lover (1981)
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  • In Jerry Bloom's biography of Ritichie Blackmore, Rainbow's then vocalist Joe Lynn Turner recalled how he wrote the lyrics to this song in about five minutes after a flash of inspiration. He'd been arguing with the lead guitarist and co-writer over another song they were writing, and this made him think of a huge row he'd recently had with his girlfriend. The song, which runs to 3 minutes 10 seconds, was recorded on Blackmore's 36th birthday, and released on an EP, reaching number 13 on the Billboard Rock Chart. The other tracks on the record were the instrumental "Weiss Heim," "Can't Happen Here" and "I Surrender." After leaving Rainbow, Turner performed "Jealous Lover" with his own band. >>
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  • Don from Sevierville, TnI think the guitar riff on this song sounds more like Led Zeppelin than any other songs I've heard by Deep Purple or Rainbow.
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