You're a Man Now, Boy

Album: You're a Man Now, Boy (2016)
  • This is the title track of Raleigh Ritchie's debut album. He explained the record's name to Billboard magazine: "I like how sort of passive aggressive it sounded. I like the fact that it was an oxymoron to call someone a man and then undercut it with 'boy.' It felt very true to how I felt. How I feel. I still feel like that.

    I think it's about people expecting you to be an adult and people expecting you to be grown-up and not quite understanding what that means. I think that's how quite a lot of people feel. It's hard to navigate this world when there's all these things we're supposed to be by a certain age and things that we're supposed to do by a certain age when actually, we all kind of still feel like kids. We're the same people now that we were when we were 15."


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