Mann Gegen Mann

Album: Rosenrot (2005)
Charted: 59
  • This very controversial song is about the way a male-homosexual person feels, and the way he has to live. Here's a translation:
    Wenn sich an mir ein Weib verirrt
    dann ist die helle Welt verwirrt

    When a woman is rejected by me
    The whole world is confused. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jeffrey - Alblasserdam, Netherlands

Comments: 9

  • Fuzzykittenkisses from UsaIn the video when Paul falls back on those men, his face looks like he is facing a fate worse than death lol.
  • Alex from GermanyOften Rammstein lyrics are about some sort of sexuallity, raping, being raped, necrophile, pedophile or SM, for me as a German Rammstein fan its clearly about Gay, but its not against them, it is more how a gay (maybe even with a SM Fetish) feels and how his sexual live is.

    So i will translate some lines as best I can:
    Das schicksal hat mich angelacht,
    und mir ein geschenk gemacht,
    warf mich auf einen warmen stern.
    der haut so nah, dem auge fern

    fate smiled on me,
    and gifted me,
    threw me on a warm star,
    the skin so close, the eye away.

    Basically I don't know if there is a phrase for it in english, but there is one in German, "Du bist ein warmer Bruder" (something like: "you are a warm brother") which means that you are gay, or if i would say I'm a warm brother means that I'm gay, this small text means basically that he is happy that he is gay, the skin so close, the eye away will be Interpreted as that the sexual act is more important than in a heterosexual partnership (If that's right or not I cannot tell because I am heterosexual and not homosexual)
  • Billy from Cresco, PaRyan, except for there is no "gay" in German. It's Schwul.
  • Janina from Colone, Germanyähhhhhhhhhhhh häääääääääää????
    Sorry geggen isnt a German Word....and gegen has nothing to do with gay!!!!!!!!!It only means against and nothing else!! Gay means in German SCHWUL or Homosexuell! And the song isnt about gay people because of this sentence Mann gegen Mann, its about gay people because till sings at the end gay (he shout it loud) men against men, and this sentence: Meine Haut gehört dem Herrn = my skin belongs to men!
  • Adam from West Milwaukee, Wilearn german gegen means aganist geggen means gay
  • André from Frankfurt/main, GermanyI don't think that "gegen" could be used as "Gay-gen". Ofcourse their pronounciation is very similar, but you can not use "gen" for the word "for". "Gen" is a very old shortcut for 'gen which means geg'n, which again means gegen - but in a other use. "gegen" has two uses: against (man against man) and a direction ("gen/gegen Osten" => to the east). "gen" is also hardly used in German (but that's nonrelevant in Rammstein lyrics, they often use old words).

    But it could be, that you can swap your male partners: "Etwas gegen etwas tauschen" => "To swap sth with sth". So it could be a reference to Free Love.
  • Ryan from Pittsburgh, Pa"Gegen" can also be a play on words. Since it is pronounced "Gay-Gen," it can be translated literally is Gay gen, which means "Gay for" instead of "against." So instead of Man against Man, it could be Man gay for Man
  • Doyka from Chicago, Ili think this song is very good. And except some wrong spelled words in the lyrics it's a horse job you've done David Cruz (the man who translated the song)
  • David from Huntginton, InThis song is about the treatment a homosexual has to go through. In the music video, all of the band members are naked, and the background is a bunch of naked guys worshipping and smothering themselves on a demonic statue or person
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