• "Mutter" is German for "Mother." It's a dark song reminiscent of the movie The Matrix, where everybody is grown genetically, as the lyrics deal with someone who does not have a mother, and was never nurtured like a normal human. >>
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  • Fuzzykittenkisses from UsaTo comment on the comment below...They have mixed up the Mutter Museum that has medical oddities. This song is NOT about that.
  • Gary from Rensselaer, NyThe Cloning story is a metaphor for the terrible relationship till had with his mother
  • Kelly from Lewistown, PaIt's not cloning/test tube. It's about Till's relationship, or lack there-of, with his mother. She was more focused on her career than she was her children, even co-authoring a book with Till's father. The song is about the disconnection he feels to her, that he might as well been born in a test tube.
  • Dan from Bethpage, NyI believe in the song he is a test tube baby. Expanding on that, the lack of a mother (mutter) and father or any kind of family I believe means that he has never experienced sadness, fear or love ('re sad and afraid when you enter the world, and you love your mother when you are put in her arms...) that he feels no emotion or sense of consequense (which has its roots in fear), thus explaining why he's willing to take the risk to cut off his birthmark (borrowing from Greg, MI) which is probably a bar code or brand or such, even if it means he might bleed out.
  • Sam from LondonI know this is off the topic but this is to Eric from Michigan.

    The song mutter is not about a Dr.
    It is indeed about Till's supposed relationship with his mother.I do not know where you got this dr. idea from but your version is different from the actual song. I speak and understand german quite well and your song version and translation is undoubtedly incorrect.
  • Adrian from Little Rock, ArThe song is also a sort of metaphor about Till's own relationship with his mother. For example, it's been mentioned that she basically paid no attention to him during his childhood.
  • Eric from Detroit, MiYou people are way off Mutter is about the Doctor named Mutter out of Philly. He was into weird medical expirments. There is a museum of his life's work in Philly. Its a great musuem. It has fetuses in jars, abnormal skeltons, things the good Dr pulled out of people.(coins ,pins, nick nacks, that sort of stuff)
  • Renee from South Lyon, Miwow didn't know so many people in michigan loved rammstein., don't know about you but i would die to see them in concert! this is a wonderful song, in the song this person feels alone and pointless no mother or no one really at all, maybe it also can mean how this person feels like an alien and doesn't have anyone but isn't literally an alien or clone. personally i love the song links 2 3 4 on the mutter album
  • Shawn from Berwick, PaGreat song. My second fave Rammstein. Sonne is their best.
  • Joseph from La, CaI personally love this song. Though my two favorite Rammstein songs are Engel and Feuer Frei!, I think this is one of their most, lack of a better word, touching songs.
  • Brian from Paoli, InMutter means Mother btw. I agree with Greg 100%, lyrics are alot like a Fear Factory song but I forget which one.
  • Melissa from Lansing, MiRammstein has got to be the best band ever. That's all I gotta say
  • Greg from Mt. Pleasent, MiMutter, is about the reprucusions of human cloning. Because he is grown in a tube in a labratory, he is fed through a tube stuck down his throat rather than an umbilical cord, thus having no naval. He grows up without the nurturing of parents. In the end he wants to remove the "birthmark" (most likely a barcode or identifier) from his head, even if it means losing his life, becuase he has nothing to live for.
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