Album: Herzeleid (1996)
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  • This is based on an air show accident that happened at Ramstein Air Force base near Frankfurt, Germany. It describes all the terrible things that happened ("ein Mensch brennt" "ein Kind stirbt") and then follows it with "die Sonne scheint" (the sun shines). We as human beings tend to believe that all bad things happen at night, or most of them anyway, but this air show disaster occurred in the middle of the day. Even though all hell broke loose, the sun still shined. >>
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  • Janina from Colone, GermanySehnsucht is about longing. Till sings about the bad and back-stabbing sides of longing.
  • Rhys from Mandurah, WaThis song is probably my favourite rammstein song and it is freaking awesome!
  • Bernd from GeilenkirchenIt is very notable that the song "Rammstein" is based on the tragedy during the air show on the airbase in "Ramstein" (with only one M !!!). The meaning of the band's name is "ram stone" and is wanted to be similar to an event that rams in your stomach as well as the music, lyrics and shows do. It is ironic that since the appearance of Rammstein (the band) and Rammstein (the song) almost everyone in the print media would spell Ramstein (the village) with 2 M's ...
  • Daniel from Derby, Ksyeah... what's sehnsucht all about... sehnsucht means longing doesn't it? but what's the song about?
  • Wanda from Frankfurt, Germany, GermanyDu Hast is Wedding vows but if you listen it can have double meanings because even though the lyrics are written as Du Hast he is pronouncing it hasst with the extra s meaning hates the vows are asking will you only have this one woman (sexually) forever and he is stating that no he will not be faithful to one woman Sexually.. Everything can be left to interpretation.
  • Alex from Munich, GermanyOk, people who can't speak german, read:

    Rammstein, a person is burning
    Rammstein, smell of meat is in the air
    Rammstein, a child dies
    Rammstein, sun is shining

    Rammstein, a sea of flames
    Rammstein, blood coagulates on the asphalt
    Rammstein, mothers are screaming
    Rammstein, sun is shining

    Rammstein, a common grave
    Rammstein, no escape
    Rammstein, no bird is singing
    Rammstein, sun is shining

    R.I.P. people who died in Hell on 28.08.1988

  • Anthony from Howell, NjRammstein is one of the best bands I've ever heard and Rammstein is NOT gay and they are NOT nazis for people who think so.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandRammstein are not gay... And if they were why would you care? Rob Halford of Judas Priest's homosexual - So what?
  • Matt from Saugus, MaJust a correction of Don's quote of Loder... I don't know what Loder actually said, but "rammstein" is a made-up word meaning "ram-stone." In essence it means the same thing, but I'm a bit of a nitpicker. :D
  • Ciara from Belfast, Irelandi think rammstein have got to be one of the best bands on the planet they really are class. even thought i cant speak German therefore i have no idea what they are on about. I REALLY REALLY wanna learn german however so can any1 tell em some stf
  • Siffeler from Perth, AustraliaPLease PLease! dont try and use the english version of du hast as a translation - "Willst du bist der tod euch scheide treu sein für alle Tage?" Does not mean Will you until death does sever be upright to her forever?... A proper translation is more like "Do you want until death seperates you
    to be faithful to her for all days" And nein means no, not never. The English versions are sad attempts to attract english speaking folk
  • Hannes from MünsterRammstein aren't gay. Of course when you reed some of their lyrics, you might think that. But the only thing about this is that they want to provoke! And, please tell me, why should they be gay because of the song "Du hast"? The question "Willst du bist der tod euch scheide treu sein für alle Tage?" ("Will you until death does sever be upright to her forever?"), answered with "Never!" doesn't show that they might be gay. The song is about Rammstein itself. They say that the band Rammstein needn't exists till they're all dead, but until they don't like it anymore. They doesn't want to have to be like they now are forever.
  • Adrian from Little Rock, ArThe song Rammstein is about the Ramstein air show disaster of the late 1980's. It's easy enough to correlate the two. And Eddy, Rammstein aren't gay. Unless you want to take into account the performances of Buck Dich, which every member of Rammstein has expressed frustration over the misunderstanding. They go out on stage to have fun. Plus, all six members are divorced. Take that for what it's worth.
  • David from Eschweiler, GermanyI mean the song 'du hast' so please dont missunderstand me.
  • David from Eschweiler, GermanyI am german and the content of the song is very easy.
    its not more than : 'du hast mich gefragt' means: 'you asked me' and then he simply shouts no.
    The question is meant to be the question of marriage. A proof for that is the chorus in the background whis sound like in church and says yes. It sound like everybody expects a
    'yes' but the 'no couts through it.
  • Don from San Antonio, TxWow...on the first american tour, here at the Austin Tx show (with KMFDM at Liberty Lunch) we met some German guys in line, who told us the air show story. But then, in Kurt Loder's famous interview with them (the one where Kurt speaks to them in German and asks them about David Hasselhoff) Loder says their name means "Battering Ram". I always went with the air show because there is a Rammstein air force base, and Kurt Loder never made an impression on me anyway.
    Hey you guys...the first song on Hetzelied also has the word RAMMSTEIN in the chorus. What's that song about?
  • Daughter Of Fenris from N/a, WaWhen singing this song the lead singer of the band will set himself on fire and sing it.
  • Greg from Asheville, NcDu Hast
    ah, great song

    "Du hast mich gefragt"
    (you have me asked) in english it would be (you asked me)
    "Und ich habe nichts gesagt"
    (and i have not answered)

    tell you about the rest later.
  • Letizia from Woodland, WaRammstein is an awesome band... It is the first time I have really enjoyed a foreign band.. They are really good!
  • Jessi from Athens, AlYea...we need the explanation of Du hast.

    "In life there are things that are known and things that are unknown and in between are the doors."
    Jim Morrison
  • Eddy from Townsville, AustraliaWell i'd just like to say that "Yes" rammstein's music sounds really good, but... if you have a closer look at a lot of their songs you might get a slight impression of GAYNESS!!! i swear its true. I still listen to them.
    Hate me for what i've said, i don't care because its my personal opinion :)
  • Lacy from Okc, OkOf course you can. It would be nice to see an analysis of Du Hast or Sehnsucht put up, though.
  • Melissa from Lansing, MiWho knew you could analyze Rammstein lyrics?
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