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  • This is about the indulgences of life which can take a hold of you and destroy you even when it seems to be a good thing at first. Like the sun, which has the ability to nurture and give life, it also has the ability to scorch and kill. "Sonne" is German for Sun.
  • The chorus line "Hier kommt die Sonne" is German for "Here comes the sun."
  • In the music video, the band members play the 7 Dwarves. They mine gold, which Snow White then crushes up and snorts like cocaine - at the end of the video she overdoses. >>
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    lorne - Toronto, Canada, for all above
  • In an interview with the German magazine Rock Hard, Paul Landers confirmed that the song was written especially for the Klitschkos, who later refused to use it (as they found to be too "heavy") and instead settled on Tina Turners "Simply the Best."
  • At one point, the band thought of making a video, in which they'd play the crew of the Enola Gay dropping the bomb on Hiroshima. First there would have been the refrain ("Hier kommt die Sonne...") and then they'd show the explosion. They also wanted to show how after years the crew committed suicide, as they were mentally broken when they realized what they had done. >>
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    Thomas - Hamburg, Germany, for above 2

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  • Alp from Turkeysonne is great great song.musical and lyrical meanings deep and well crafted. in life, we all working and struggling for our so called masters.after a period, we all forgot what is our life's goal,purpose and where are we on the life.masters are using we, they enslave and tormenting, if their mood says (to me) open your eyes,be free and dont be a slave to those big pigs.if you enlightened on this,your eyes will become a sun in your dark and hopeless life.and this light will not fade when the night comes.dont roll in stockholm syndrome if you free at this pigs by chance.dont look back in sad.or you'll be regret thats for sure.all the world is waiting for the sun and counting.thank you.
  • Occulted Warrior from Sarasota FloridaThe video definitely has to do with the theory of cosmic abandonment. Joulia Stepanova represents Enki and the Annunaki. In the lyrics "die sonne" represents the symbol for god. It's something no man can make or possess. So they must work hard to take in occult knowledge to become like gods. Back to the video seven dwarves represent the profane... the normal people who must slave because their masters make them. Then they worship their master even though the masters are extremely abusive. There's so much symbology that I'll cut to the chase.

    For anyone reading this the message... take accountability for yourself. Take in knowledge! Live with high morals so that you can become your own master. Never let anyone control your mind. Remember Government literally means mind control. If you let anyone control any aspect of your life you'll end up a slave. Any finally... never steal anything. Nothing. No ones life no ones property, no ones free will, no ones ability to make right decision's. Then you'll find the path to happiness.
  • Andac Yalcın Kaya from Turkey IstanbulI think most of the Rammstein songs are allegorical.
  • Matt from Gahanna, OhI thought this song was about the Annunaki. If you watch the whole video there is alot of things going on in it that relates to the stories of the Annunaki. Check up on the Annunaki and post what you think. Thanks and peace to all :)
  • Bawa-chan from Distrito Federal, BrazilYay, what they do and think is good for her, only kills more and more.
  • Gemma from Staten Island, Nyif i were ever a wrestler, (eww i'd have to be a diva =___=) i would totally want this as my entrance music... Omg imagine if that actually happened? Some chick coming out on smackdown or raw with this s--t playing in the background. That'd be pretty badass if you ask me :)
  • Janina from Colone, GermanyI think this song is easy to understand when you know why till lindemann made it, or for realy was for one of the Klitschko Brother (boxers). He got a application from Klitschko Management to write this Song. Klitschko didnt like it because it was to dure for him. So what do you do if your client dont want the song...youve got to create an another story about the song....
  • Jon from Fakenham, United Kingdomgreat song but what is the true meaning of the song & why is it always used for SS videos
  • Derek from St. Louis, MoNo crew members of the Enola Gay committed suicide.
  • Steven from Lumberton, Ncto me this is about a girl that he likes, and he is reffering to her as the sun, but he can never have her hence the lyric and she will never fall from the sky
  • Antje from Hamburg, GermanyIt is not Rose McGowan, It is a russian actress named Joulia Stepanova. Great song!
  • Tony from Colorado Springs, CoIn an interview on the "Lichtspielhaus" video, Richard and Till say that they DID want to have a boxer-themed music video for this song.
  • Kai from Neuss, GermanyRammstein songs are difficult to interprete even for germans, just like the way SOAD lyrics can have different meanings for americans. Still, rammstein videos seldom perfectly fit to the lyrics. e.g. rosenrot has a completely different meaning than its video...
  • Adrian from Little Rock, ArI think Rammstein would be happy that people are trying to analyze their songs. In the words of either Till or Flake, "We want people to grapple with our music."
  • Brad from Danville, VaSonne is a great song. Has a true meaning even though a lot misunderstand it. Rammstein always has good interestign lyrics for there songs. The English version is crappy, but the german is awsome.
  • Kc from Bristol, Englandis the snow white Rose McGowan??
  • Marcus from Dinslaken, GermanyThis song was originally meant for the Klitschkos, the Boxer Brothers. It would be played at their walk to the ring, if they took it, but they didn't. Sad thing! :(
  • Ceilidh from London, EnglandThis is a really good song and an amazing video but if we really want to find out what it is about i think the only reliable source is the band themselves, you never know all of these theories could have some truth in them
  • Nick from Truro, Englandfrom a rammstein forum -"the song is actually about a boxer - the thing to remember with rammstein is the videos rarely have anything to do with the songs - thats just how it works"
    dunno if thats true - but it did come from a very reliable fan of the band.

  • Michail from Stuttgart, United StatesMutter is really about a test tube baby, tust be in me I know, I be knowing them..... Sorry not so good english
  • Lacey from Wvc, UtThis is my favorite rammstein song.
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