Beat On The Brat

  • Joey Ramone: "I wrote 'Beat On The Brat' about the spoiled brats in Queens. That chord change at the top of the song comes directly from bubblegum songs 'Chewy Chewy', 'Yummy Yummy Yummy' - all those good songs, those fun songs." >>
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    Katie - Gasoline Alley, Australia
  • According to Joey Ramone, there was one specific brat that inspired this song. He grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in the Forest Hills section of Queens where some "rich snooty" women would raise obnoxious children. There was a playground with women sitting around and a kid screaming, a horrible kid just running around rampant with no discipline whatsoever," he said in Rolling Stone. "The kind of kid you just want to kill. You know, 'Beat on the brat with a baseball bat' just came out. I just wanted to kill him."
  • This is a track from the Ramones first album. They had been performing this song for over a year before it was released; in early versions, the only lyrics were:

    Beat on the brat, beat on the brat, beat on the brat with a baseball bat

    The album version runs a hearty 2:30, but in early live shows, it was even shorter. The Ramones could play a full 12-song set in about 26 minutes around this time.
  • This was featured in the film Billy Madison with Adam Sandler. It's played during the dodgeball sequence. >>
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    Phillip - Louisville, KY
  • On the 2003 cover album A Tribute To The Ramones: We're A Happy Family, this song was covered by U2. >>
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    Douglas - Waterloo

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  • Zero from The Abyss, NjI want to dedicate this song to my sister. She's a spoiled brat who yells at our parents and doesn't contribute anything to the household just goes out and parties all the time. And she's 29.
  • Len from Nc"As a promotion for this song, Sire Records had miniature plastic baseball bats made with the Louisville Slugger logo and "Beat on the Brat" printed on them. Louisville Slugger threatened legal action and Sire changed the logo on the bat to read simply "Ramones".
    Glenn - Greenwood, Ms"

    Actually,they were wooden bats.We never did get any printed with the original message, because Louisvile Slugger refused to print that. Instead, the bats said "Ramones - A Hit on Sire Records."
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjWow, U2 covered this song? That's weird...
  • Jay from London, OnI always thought this was about cops beating on protestors with billy clubs.
  • Joe from Bellingham, Wajoe from chicago, i've been spreading the same messege around this website. you rock.
  • Peter from Roswell, NmI hear ya, joe, punk bands nowadays don't even dress like punk bands,seriously, what kind of punk wears a suit? and they really don't play like punk bands
  • Joe from Chicago, Ari love the ramones .......better than any of those new gay poser bands today that call themselves "punks".....what they don't realize is that there telling kids what they think the definition of punk is today and there believeing bands like good charlotte and stuff.............the ramones should be on much music and stuff instead of 30 seconds to mars or other crap, there barely even played on the punk need to know how much simple plan and those bands suck and they need to get into some real music like this anyway this song rocks
  • Adonis from G-town, MiI want to beat on a brat with a baseball bat and play this song
  • Curtis from Cornwall On Hudson , NySimply a masterpiece...those haunting lyrics and soulful it isn't exactly "Blowin' in the Wind." What can I say about the Ramones? 5 great guys...3 Excellent chords!!!!!
  • Glenn from Greenwood, MsAs a promotion for this song, Sire Records had miniature plastic baseball bats made with the Louisville Slugger logo and "Beat on the Brat" printed on them. Louisville Slugger threatened legal action and Sire changed the logo on the bat to read simply "Ramones".
  • Matt from Columbus, Ohis it bad that this song gives me pleasure?
  • Tom from Auckland, New Zealandwith a baseball bat oh yeah oh yeah uh oh
  • Kyle from Allentown, Pai love the ramones and always will.
  • Christina from Arnold, MdWhat punk rocker could resist the attitude of this song? Don't you want to beat on the brat right now?
  • Gonzalo from Lima, PeruThe Argentinian band A77aque (or Ataque 77) did a cover of this song, on their 1998 album "Otras Canciones"
  • Billy Ross from Hagerstown, Mda great song from my favorite band
  • Danny from Tucson, Azthe ramones are cool
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