Oh Oh I Love Her So

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  • The music was inspired by the Freddy Cannon song "Palisades Park," which was later recorded by the Ramones for their Brain Drain album. Perky songs from the '50s and '60s were a big influence on the group. >>
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  • Running just 1:56 and with a very compact chorus, this song tells a story about falling in love by the soda machine at Burger King. The Ramones brand of punk rock was not so much about rebellion, but about presenting a different view. As such, their love songs were rather innocent, with endearing lines like "no one's gonna ever tear us apart cause she's my sweetheart."
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  • Rodrigo from Somewhere In, --Joey Ramone wrote this song.
  • Dave from San Antonio, TxI had this girlfriend that had heard every line imaginable and all kinds of b.s. to get her attention. I slipped her this song one day all mixtape style in her locker.
    18 yrs later shes still my wife!
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