The KKK Took My Baby Away

Album: Pleasant Dreams (1981)
  • Legend has it that Johnny Ramone, the politically conservative member of the group, stole away Joey Ramone's girlfriend Linda, and Joey wrote this song about it. The KKK is a white supremacist organization in the United States, and Joey made the comparison for exaggerated dramatic effect. Johnny eventually married Linda, causing considerable strain on his relationship with Joey. >>
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    Janette - Las Vegas, NV
  • Marilyn Manson covered this on the Ramones tribute album We're A Happy Family. Other groups to record it include MXPX, The Dead Kennedys and The Ordinary Boys.

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  • Daniel from Toronto, On@V-Starr - lol. You thought wrong. It was by the Ramones.
  • V-starr from ??????, MiI thought The Misfits sang this song
  • Bianca Sanchez from Alburquerque, NmWhen i first song I thought it said "the gay gay gay took my baby away." but then i heard it right! haha
  • Dave from San Antonio, TxI still do not know how Joey could even look at this guy(Johnny) much less tour with him for another 2 decades!! Tougher than he looks i guess COOL SONG came out of thou!
  • Markus from Leipzig, GermanyThis was also covered by German punk rock band Die Ärzte. Their version is with completely German lyrics and is titled "Die Wikingjugend hat mein Mädchen entführt". (The mentioned "Wikinmgjugend" ("Viking youth") was a German youth organisation modeled after the infamous Hitler youth from the Third Reich; it was banned in the early Nineties in Germany.)
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