Senior Year

  • Randy Houser penned this nostalgic song with "Goodnight Kiss" collaborator Rob Hatch. "'Senior Year' just sorta came about, one night I was sitting with my buddy, Rob Hatch," he told "I think he was putting his son Henry to bed, and the first lines of the song kind of fell out. I was just playing one of his guitars, and I was just singing the first line, 'Friday night, ride around, make a loop through the Sonic at the edge of town.'"

    "That's what we did, on Friday and Saturday nights," Houser continued. "I grew up in a little town called Lake Mississippi, and it was so small we would actually go to the next bigger town, which was Forest, Mississippi. And that's you did; the loop was about a half mile and you'd ride to the Sonic, and that's where you turned around. And all you did was you made loops to the Sonic, and then you'd maybe stop at a parking lot of a grocery store and hang out and hide some beers behind the seat."

    "And it was just small town, very simple life, but it was so rich, you know what I mean? There's nothing I would trade for where I grew up and how I grew up and the things that I got to experience," he added. "It was really kind of a wholesome way to grow up. I admire the kids that are still growing up where I did, because I see that, even in a bigger city like Nashville, which I love too, the kids are presented with so many options, and it's awesome, there's so much to do, it's great. But I still think it's important to have to invent fun."
  • Randy Houser told IHeartRadio: "There are a lot of great things about your senior year, and the last year being home. And then there's a lot of sadness when you think about leaving all your friends that you've grown up with. Where we grew up, we all were in the same school from the time we started til the end. So there are also those fears of leaving home and not knowing what's next. Because before that you're just like, we know what we're gonna do next year.

    There's such fear of the unknown that comes right after that. I think that we had a great time painting that picture of that little bit of sadness that comes with all that fun of the last year of high school."


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