Album: Unstoppable (2009)


  • This delicate ballad tells the story of a life cut tragically short by suicide, from the point of view of those left behind. All three members of the band have known someone close to them that committed suicide. Bassist Jay DeMarcus explained to CMT News how he and his cousin, singer Gary LeVox, were affected: "That song, in particular, was a really tough one to cut because all of our lives have been affected by suicide. Gary and I had in uncle in 2001 that took his own life. We were very, very close to him, and we were affected by that greatly. We played music with him a lot and grew up with him. Joe Don, as well, had a friend in high school that took his own life. So I think that for us that song hit really close to home and dealt with a lot of emotions that we'd been feeling -- and dealt with it in a way that was so delicately put. We felt like it was something that we could sing about, dealing with a very difficult matter that a lot of lives are affected by. It could give you a little bit of hope and a little way to deal with a tragic situation."
    Guitarist Joe Don Rooney added: "It's a story that you get in your mind as you hear the lyrics. My friend who committed suicide was 17, the summer before senior year. That second verse -- "In my mind, I keep you frozen like a 17-year-old" -- it's eerie to me and it's haunting. At the same time, it's a poignant message for the youth out there, for the teenagers out there, struggling and contemplating that decision, which they shouldn't make. That's why this song's got a lot of angst in it because it wants to let that [message] out of the bag -- that's not the answer. You don't have to do that. There's so much more in your life to live for. There are so many more people in your life that are going to be affected by a decision like that. That's why I do love that song."
  • The song was originally recorded by Faith Hill for her 2005 album Fireflies, but didn't make the cut. Her version eventually ended up her 2016 Deep Tracks compilation.

    "Why" is a favorite of Hill's husband, Tim McGraw; "it was and sadly still is today an important message," the songstress noted.

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  • Timothy from Mount Olive IlMy mother is the first post on here. Losing my brother that I was so close to is a huge battle I deal with 8 years later. I'm turning 30 in 14 days. I now have a son that I named Daniel Timothy in remembrance of my brother. I wish no one would have to go through the pain I went through. I was a heavy drinker and drug addict. I barely drink now but still deal with addiction from time to time. What gets me through it is knowing my brother isn’t in any pain now.
  • Kylie from Lafayette InI had a friend in 8th grade (I'm currently a junior) he took his own life 3 days after I moved to a different town... its strange because before I knew he passed away I slept for 2 days straight. I woke up a day after he killed himself.. i felt like it was my fault because I had just moved and he had the biggest crush on me and always tried getting with me. I was hurt. I wanted to commit suicide to be with him. To make up for what I may have caused. But something spoke to me. Something told me that he wasn't mad at me. To not make a mistake that I can't undo. It's still very hard to this very day. I moved back to the town he lived in. I go to the high school he was supposed to attend that following summer. He used to play football. He was the wildest kid I knew. He had these bright green NIKE shoes he would always wear to school. It didn't matter what he was wearing. Even if it didn't match. People treated him like crap. My boyfriend at the time treated him like crap. When I went to his funeral there were so many people there who loved and cared for him. And then there were the people who bullied him. This is a life changing event. Watching/knowing someone you care and knew so much about take there own life.. I still wish there was something I could have said or done. I wish he just would have text me. I would have talked to him.
  • Grace from UsI refound this song the day after my friend killed himself.
  • Natasha from Colorado While listening to this song, I thought of my past and how many times that I have tried, and this song has really helped me to know that I was put on this Earth for a reason and I have to stay to find out what that reason is. Also this song really hits home, as I was listening I found out that my friend had hung and killed himself. This song is hard to listen to now due to my friend ending his life at 12 years old.
    I love you Jakob<3
  • from Mentor OhioThis song really hit home for me. I started listening to this song the same day without knowing one of my best friends shot and killed himself. The lyrics and reality of this song are very ironic due to my friend ending his life at seventeen years old.
    Miss you buddy<3
    Rest in peace Brandon<3
  • Evie from Illinois I've attempted suicide. While listening to this song actually. I was only 12 years old. I was terribly bullied and I had really bad self esteem. Please... If you are hurting or upset or considering suicide tell someone. It will help so much. I promise.
  • Brianne from Layton, UtI have struggled with suicide for many years, and i have loved this song for so long, it has been one of the reasons I'm here today. My dad played it in his truck on our way to go fishing, i had decided, for the last time, and when i heard it, i couldn't help but to just cry. I played softball for the longest time, also love to be on stage acting, this song really hits home for me
  • Lauren from Pittsburgh, PaJust last week, a kid I knew some what, but one of my boyfriend's best friends commited suicide. I have never seen my boyfriend so sad. I just heard this song today and really understood what it met for the first time. He keeps asking himself "Why?" I don't have answers.. Rest Easy Chris. <3
  • Michelle from Phoenix, AzMy dad committed suicide on 2/8/07 and it was very tragic how he died because he shot himself, but before he did he left a voicemail on my mother's voicemail (my mom had cheated on my dad and this was the day she left him). You could hear the gun go off in the background, him hit the ground, gargle, and then silence. The other horrible contributing factor was that on 2/6 was my dad's birthday, my mom left him on 2/7 and at Midnight on 2/7-2/8 he shot himself. So all three days are horrible for me. My mom heard this song the same time I did when it first came out, and we both cried because it is so true...
  • Sam from Clarence, Ny3 days ago, Danielle, the 16 year old girl that sat behind me in Math, passed away after she hung herself. She was so sweet, i never saw her frown. This song reminds me about how she seemed so happy. I wish i could have done something. I miss her so much. Everyone that reads this, please remember: you are loved. R.I.P.
  • Alexa from Wilkes Barre, PaI just have been effected by suicide greatly 2 weeks ago my 18 year old cousin had took his own life.. We had no signs and we had no clue that it was coming I woke up and my cousin came in my room about 2 min later and had told me and I was very close to him he was like a brother to me 3 of my cousins and I includeing him hung out all the time almost every single day. And we had no clue it was comeing he was always happy and had a smile on his face our family is still deviatsted and in shock I've been listening to this song since that day and it really hits hard I can't go a day without listening to it. But the weird part is I had just downloaded this song and put it on my iPod about 4 weeks ago and then it happened. But it is a very beautiful song. And honestly it's helping me coupe with it
  • Laura from Postville, IaI'm sorry for June of Mt. Olive IL's loss! I have lost a couple of friends to suicide and what those people don't realize is this....They may think they are better off, but they are hurting alot of loved ones in the process... There is help out there...Remember this..."This old world really ain't that bad a place..."
  • June from Mt Olive, IlI heard this song right after we returned home from burying my beautiful son Dan. He committed suicide on 12/17/09. He was 31 yrs old. He lost his fight with bipolar. His pain was deeper than he could live with. I will always remember him as a seventeen yr old. He will be missed by a lot of people, more than I think he will ever know. Love you Dan Dan. Love Mom
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