Crash Bang Wallop

Album: Wiped Out (CD Reissue) (1982)


  • Released on a 4-song EP in the UK with the subtitle "Men's Lib Protest Song," Raven was clearly having some fun with this one, which describes a woman blowing her stack - with good reason. "It's dedicated to the man who is sneaking back into the house around 3 or 4 in the morning after a drinking session," Raven lead singer John Gallagher told us. "He gets caught by his wife, girlfriend, or dog, and gets screamed at."
  • Raven recorded this song during the same session when they put down "Faster than the Speed of Light." They finished recording both the Wiped Out album and the Crash Bang Wallop EP in just six days.
  • Musically, this started with a riff the band's guitarist Mark Gallagher came up with. "It's these wonderful little suspended cords and the verse is very catchy," his brother/frontman John says.
  • John Gallagher calls the part where he does the angry female voice the "hard woman rant." He did it in the style of Monty Python, and recorded it in one take. Only a bit of John's recorded ranting made it onto the song.


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